2001 Conference Proceedings

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Jim Pors & James Bowden, Dolphin Computer Access
Email: jim.pors@dolphinuk.co.uk

Innovative and accurate screen access for Braille users - we demonstrate the latest developments from Dolphin Computer Access.

Hal/Supernova is a Windows based screen reader that has grown to be one of the top screen readers on the market. Dolphin products are fully compatible with Windows 95/98, Windows ME, and Windows NT/2000.

Both Hal and Supernova have a strong reputation for being extremely reliable, stable, responsive and easy to use. With excellent Braille support, visually impaired people can now experience Windows as never before. Braille allows the visually impaired person to obtain a tactile layout of the desktop, applications, and windows in general. Internet access is a key element of the product design. Through the unique design philosophy, reading a web page is as straightforward as reading a word processor document, as well as automatic access to forms, frames, tables and images.

Hal/Supernova with a Braille display will be demonstrated running under Windows in many ways:

  1. Windows will be shown with both speech and Braille, to show how they complement each other for broader access.
  2. It will be demonstrated, using both speech and Braille, how easily a visually impaired person can get a tactile image of what is really happening on the screen.
  3. Microsoft Office will be demonstrated and it will be shown that it is just as compatible as using speech.
  4. Internet Explorer and the power of Hal/Supernova will be demonstrated. With Braille, it is now possible to see how a page is actually formatted.
  5. New unique features will be shown as well as the easy installation.

The main purpose for this session is to demonstrate how Braille displays now enable visually impaired persons to gain a true perspective of what the sighted are seeing on the screen, to understand the physical layout of Windows and its applications, to show the access to the Internet and to show that Braille is as easy to use as speech.

Company Information

Dolphin Computer Access has been designing software for computer users who are blind or partially sighted since 1986. With proven expertise in screen reading with speech and Braille, screen magnification and products in many languages. Dolphin is constantly developing new technologies.

Dolphin is renowned for well designed, stable and reliable software which can be installed with confidence on home computers, laptops and university or corporate networks. Dolphin's powerful software tools are easy-to-use thanks to intelligent design, and popular with students and professionals the world over.

Dolphin's goal is to enable people with a visual impairment to gain full access to industry standard computer systems. Dolphin's clients enjoy the freedom to use all kinds of software and surf the Internet, without having to resort to specially adapted system configurations. This automatic approach also encourages real integration as Dolphin clients can use the same computer systems as their sighted co-workers, family and friends without worry.

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