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Jane Churchward
Dolphin Computer Access
Email: jane.churchward@dolphinuk.co.uk

This session will be of interest to professionals, rehab counselors, educators and individuals with an interest in visual impairment and information technology. There will be time for questions at the end of the session, and delegates are encouraged to visit the Dolphin booth in the Marriott Hotel and try the software for themselves.

During the session, Dolphin will demonstrate

  1. How to achieve a stable, reliable, manageable and accessible IT network.
  2. How to integrate individuals with any kind of visual impairment into your IT policy.

Ideally, a person with a visual impairment should be able to use any PC, not be confined to specialist equipment for the disabled. We show you how to achieve an integrated IT policy for your office, campus or classroom.

Imagine as a visually impaired person, walking into a library, university computer lab, or a new place of work. Do you have to ask which computer you can use, or can you sit down anyplace you choose among your sighted friends and co-workers? Now imagine your workload as the IT Manager of the same location. Do you have to allocate scarce resources to maintain special 'accessible' workstations to comply with legislation? Are you struggling with incompatible software, system crashes, and time consuming maintenance needed to keep systems accessible.

What does computer access mean for someone who is visually impaired? Does it mean having special equipment reserved for blind or low vision users and set up for their needs? Dolphin believe that real access achieved when visually impaired and sighted people can truly share the same computer equipment, with neither having to compromise on performance. In addition, access tools should be as reliable, and as easy to implement and maintain as any other mainstream software tool. In achieving this we are following the spirit, and not just the letter of the law.

We will show how, with Dolphin Supernova Reader Magnifier you can

  1. Serve computer users who are blind, low vision and sighted equally
  2. Maintain a high level of system performance, without compromise
  3. Avoid costly scripting fixes for new applications
  4. Offer choice and independence while minimizing the cost of ownership

Company Information

Dolphin Computer Access has been designing software for computer users who are blind or partially sighted since 1986. With proven expertise in screen reading with speech and Braille, screen magnification and products in many languages. Dolphin is constantly developing new technologies.

Dolphin is renowned for well designed, stable and reliable software which can be installed with confidence on home computers, laptops and university or corporate networks. Dolphin's powerful software tools are easy-to-use thanks to intelligent design, and popular with students and professionals the world over.

Dolphin's goal is to enable people with a visual impairment to gain full access to industry standard computer systems. Dolphin's clients enjoy the freedom to use all kinds of software and surf the Internet, without having to resort to specially adapted system configurations. This automatic approach also encourages real integration as Dolphin clients can use the same computer systems as their sighted co-workers, family and friends without worry.

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