2001 Conference Proceedings

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When 1 + 1 = MORE THAN 2: Assistive Technology Makes the Difference

Dr. José R. Santana, Administrator
Rosa Esquilín - Director of ATREVI Center
Vocational Rehabilitation Administration
Department of Labor & Human Resources
Government of Puerto Rico
PO Box 8627 San Juan,
Puerto Rico 00910
Tel. (787) 724-2490
(787) 723-8186
Fax: (787) 724-2524

What is ATREVI?

The ATREVI Center is a unique model program in the VRA of PR in the promotion and provision of assistive technology. Providing highly qualified services, equipment and technical assistance to a greater number of eligible participants with significant disabilities so they may obtain or maintain a gainful employment.
ATREVI’s mission is to provide informed choice, access to assistive technology equipment, devices and strategies that enable persons with disabilities to reach their own personal vocational rehabilitation goals, effective learning, competitive employment and independent living.
The vision of the ATREVI Center is to promote the achievement of social and economical independence for each consumer with significant physical/mental disabilities, through assistive technology equipment and technical assistance promoting productivity and inclusion.
Our objectives are to standardize and speed-up the process for assessment, evaluation, prescription and technical assistance in the proper use of assistive technological equipment. Guarantee equal access at school, the work place, community, social, economical growth and development of our consumers; including the training of VRA’S personnel in Assistive Technology.

Services offered in ATREVI

Information & Orientation



Equipment Prescription & Recommendations

Assistive Technology Fabrication & Adaptations

Human Resources Development

Technical Assistance

Consulting Services

Who do we serve?
Consumers with :

Blind/Low Vision

Mobility Disabilities

Cognitive Disabilities

Speech/Language Disabilities

Transdisciplinary Team



Rehabilitation Counselor


Orientation Coordinator

Service Coordinator

Fabrication/Adaptation Technician

Training Coordinator

Computer Engineer

Occupational Therapist

Speech-Language Pathologist

Assistive technology Specialist for Blind/Low Vision

Medical Consultants

Administrative Assistant/Secretaries


AT Equipment Venders/Employers

Transdisciplinary Team Approach
Professionals from various disciplines working together cooperatively by educating one another in the skills and practices of their disciplines so that no one team member can act as the single agent for carrying out services with a designated consumer. This “role exchange”means that in working with a given consumer, a team member assumes the roles and responsibilities for other disciplines by delivering the treatment program based upon program prescriptions and instructions provided by joint planning of the total team.
Team Discussion
Documenting Needs Assessment, Recommendation of Assistive Technology Equipment, Technical Assistance and other services
Questions and Answers
Our consumers

We value all our consumers they are our reason for existence. Therefore, we will: provide services of the highest quality. With Assistive Technology and the Transdisciplinary Team approch we make the difference.

Thank you! or muchas gracias

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