2001 Conference Proceedings

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Puzzle Power and Other Powerful Programs

Jo Meyer, president
SoftTouch, Inc.
4300 Stine Road #401
Bakersfield, CA 93313
e-mail: jomeyer@funsoftware.com 
ph 661-396-8676
fax 661-396-8760
Order Toll Free: 1-877-SoftTouch

SoftTouch, Inc. has released new computer programs for students with severe disabilities. puzzle power Series, Shop Til You Drop, Loony Teens, print, play and Learn Series and more. This workshop will demonstrate the newest titles and give features of these programs. A free piece of software will be given to every participant.

This workshop is perfect if you want to

Understanding life around us is like puzzle. Language is a puzzle. There are many pieces that interrelate to each other, but how do they fit together? The human brain has to make sense of many pieces. Our students with disabilities also have to put those puzzles together. Many teachers have puzzles in our classroom to help facilitate the brain to take parts and make it a whole. The problem for some of our children with disabilities is that there are no puzzles for them. For some, the puzzles are too hard. They have too many pieces. There are not enough small ones for the student to get the picture. For the student with physical disabilities, puzzles are not accessible. Now all of that is changed. SoftTouch now has a series of thematic puzzles that teaches many skills. For the student with severe disabilities, pressing the switch makes the puzzle piece go to the correct location. Visual closure and language is taught. For the student with physical disabilities who will always use a switch, the puzzle can be activated by scanning the pieces. The student learns to visually discriminate. For those students who will eventually be able to use a mouse, this program teaches beginning mouse skills. The Magnet mouse feature grabs the puzzle piece like a magnet. All the student has to do is move the mouse, thus moving the puzzle piece, to the pieces' approximate final location. The click and drag feature, moves the skill level up one more notch. Each puzzle CD contains puzzles with 2 themes, has 200 different puzzles to choose from with 40 different pictures.

More new programs are available. The SoftTouch creators love the teens with severe and profound disabilities. Two new powerful programs have been released, Shop Til You Drop and Loony Teens. Shop Til You Drop allows the teen to go to the mall shopping. The teen tries on different shirts, pants, skirts, shoes in a variety of colors and patterns. S/he gets to buy what s/he wants, and pay for it with moms credit card. What a treat. But there is more. An arcade game with dollars, quarters, nickels and dimes allows the student to have fun while learning about money. When the game is through, the student spends what s/he has won, picking the edible treats that adds up to the amount they have won in the game.

Loony Teens is a delightfully funny program that gets and keeps the teens attention. The real pictures change from one object into another as you watch the metamorphous. Music and funny sounds help to keep the student engaged. This delightful program will keep the adults wanting to see more along with the students.

Have you ever wished there was a program presenting concepts to our students with severe disabilities? Concepts on the Go #1 and #2 are programs that do just that. The adult chooses the concept to present such as opposites, colors, numbers, prepositions, same as, shapes, size, categories, functions, goes with. The real pictures change from one object into another as you watch the metamorphous. Music and funny sounds help to keep the student engaged while learning. This program will keep the students attention, while showing the concept.

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