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Gilles Pepin and Christian Landry
VisuAide Inc

Years ago, the Talking Book became for many the key to accessing education, culture and knowledge. To meet this essential need, specialized libraries around the world have been recording books and documents of all types on audio cassette.

But now libraries have begun recording in a new format known as the Digital Talking Book. This new generation of Talking Books offers many advantages for users. Primarily it allows the user greater efficiency in searching information and navigating the structure of a book. No more rewinding and fast forwarding through a cassette to find a specific passage.

A technology for transcending limits, offering an array of new possibilities for visually impaired persons throughout the world.


Designed to navigate complexly organized works, Victor Reader allows reading of highly structured books, as well as simplier leisure books, in an easy, more effective way.

Users can now navigate much faster and far more efficiently through reference works and scholastic texts. Consult the table of contents, jump straight from one section to another, insert bookmarks for quick return to an interesting page or paragraph, these are only a few of the advantages Victor Reader is capable of. Victor Reader allows direct access to desired information, allowing unquestionable efficiency and time saving.

Victor reader also offers advantages for leisure readers. Because most of the time, a single CD can contain a whole book, reading with Victor Reader means fewer items to handle and keep track of than the conventional format of books on cassette. The Digital Sound quality is also more pleasing.

With Victor Reader, the visually impaired community enters a new era of access to information.


Easy, Efficient Navigation -The arrow keys (2,4,6,8) are associated with navigation functions and allow you to easily go from one structural element to another.

Standard CD ROM Drive

One or more books can be contained on a single CD
Plays music too
Digital sound quality

Use the built-in speaker or the earphone set.
Adjustable Play Speed

A highly intelligible variable play speed.
Key Describer Function

With this feature, the user can hear the function associated with each of Victor Reader's keys.
International Standard

Victor Reader is DAISY standard compliant.

Compact and Portable

Lightweight and equipped with a long-life rechargeable battery pack, Victor Reader can be easily carried anywhere in its optional carrying bag.
Since 1988 VisuAide has specialized in the development and marketing of innovative products for the blind and visually impaired. Over the past few years, VisuAide has acquired considerable expertise in the field of digital audio, which is the underlying technology the Digital Talking Book.

The development of Victor Reader was made possible through the support of Industry Canada and the invaluable collaboration of the CNIB Library for the Blind, members of the DAISY Consortium and the NISO group.

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