2001 Conference Proceedings

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Mallory Burton
Regional Coordinator, SET-BC
825 Conrad Street
Prince Rupert, B.C. V8J 2J8
(250) 624-6621

The Math in a Box Project consists of a set of 10 popular children’s software titles (K-3), a grid showing the math skills contained in each program, and a detailed write-up for each piece of software which describes the math activities and actual math questions in each play module. The tool was designed to help special education teachers select math software and activities which will support specific Individual Educational Plan (IEP) goals for students.

Assistive Technology consultants frequently work with student who are unable to complete math activities with pencil and paper. Programs such as Math Pad and Access to Math provide a way for students to practice math facts and complete the four basic math operations. However, there are many other areas of math in which students could be completing computer-based activities which would parallel classroom instruction. It is difficult for teachers to determine, just from looking at a software box, whether the software would meet a child’s needs. And, even after they have purchased a piece of software, teachers rarely have the time to thoroughly explore the software and all of its levels. The Math in a Box Project was undertaken to do just that, providing a quick but detailed reference to the following popular software titles at the k-3 level:

This session would introduce the project to participants, who would receive a copy of the grid and write-ups for each piece of software. The presenter would show how to use the tool to match software activities to IEP goals, and illustrate special teacher features, customization, help/error correction and excellent math activities with examples from the software.

The project is being piloted by SET-BC in the province of British Columbia this year, and anecdotal feedback should be available by the time of the CSUN presentation. A graphic designer is currently developing a user-friendly format for the project.

A copy of the grid and write-up for Reader Rabbit’s Math have been attached.

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