2001 Conference Proceedings

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Hands on Lab

Jo Meyer, President of SoftTouch, Inc.
SoftTouch, Inc
4300 Stine Road #401
Bakersfield, CA 93313
ph 661-396-8676
fax 661-396-8760
Order Toll Free: 1-877-SoftTouch
E-mail: jomeyer@funsoftware.com 

Suzanne Feit
Training Specialist and Curriculum Development of IntelliTools
1720 Corporate Circle
Petaluma, CA 94954
ph 1-800-899-6687
E-mail: sfeit@IntelliTools.com


This hands-on workshop will show the participants how to make activities using Print, Play and Learn Series by SoftTouch and IntelliTalk II (R), and Overlay Maker(R). Starting with IntelliTalk II, the students will make a computer based activity. They will then take that information to make an extension activity that the student can complete at his desk.

This workshop is perfect if you want to:


As educators, we are always searching for stimulating and engaging curriculum

based activities for our students. We also want to foster language development, concept building and independence. The focus is NOT just technology, NOT just curriculum, but how to combine all of this to empower children to become successful learners. This hands-on workshop will show the participants how to make activities using IntelliTalk II and Overlay Maker. The activities empower both students AND teachers. The students will start with making an activity using IntelliTalk II and then using that information, make an extension activity using Overlay Maker. It will be demonstrated how to make that activity very structured so it will be easier for the student to complete.

Learn how Overlay Maker can be used to create materials for the classroom. Explore IntelliTalk II and learn to build multisensory activities that teach literacy through text, digital graphics and text to speech.

The type of materials that are created is important. Young students with language challenges or autism respond well to realistic photos.

Pictures, language and literacy all come together with IntelliTools™ new

IntelliTalk II. Using the same photos or pictures, stories can be created and accessed both on-line and off line using IntelliTalk II, Overay Maker and your imagination..

Participants will leave with materials and tutorials that will enable them to create and modify activities for concept building, math, language arts as well as social skills made possible through learning to play games and take turns. The materials will include a CD with activities ready to print, play and learn.

This workshop is for any educator or speech clinician that works with students from the cognitive age of 2 years to 8

Outcomes for the lab:

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