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Nancilu McClellan, President
P.O. Box 121984
Arlington, TX 76012
Metroplex Voice Computing, Inc.
E-mail: mathtalk@onramp.net

Metroplex Voice Computing, Inc. (MVC) continues to be the leader in speech recognition mathematics products for the physically/visually challenged.

NEW Y2K+1 Opportunities - MathTalk For The Visually Impaired™ , MathTalk For Physical Disabilities™ , MathTalk Into Braille™ , MathTalk™ /Naturally Speaking™ , Sound Commands™ , and the newest NaturallySpeaking™ Professional version.

This presentation will demonstrate the NEW Y2K+1 opportunities and more - MathTalk™ /Scientific Notebook™ 3.5 , MathPad™ By Voice™ and MathBrailleTalk™ .

MathTalk™For The Visually Impaired™ - (MT/VI)

In 1999, Dr. Henry L. Gray, Charles F. Frensley Professor of Mathematics and Statistics, Southern Methodist University and MVC , began research on a voiced program using Scientific Notebook ™ that would allow visually impaired students to independently study mathematics.

The basic requirements were that a visually impaired student:

1. must be able to voice the mathematics

2. hear a confirmation ("echo") of the individual voiced math commands

3. be able to hear a "read back" of all mathematics on the screen (this is programmed – not a screen reader)

4. have a correction technique available for a misrecognition

Dr. Gray was successful in developing an "echo" and a "read back" for all 6,000 + math commands. MT/VI is the only program in the world that will "read back" mathematics, including fractions, complex fractions, calculus, radicals and more.

The MT/VI demonstration will show:

1. the use of DragonDictate™ ( Yes, it will be available for a long time) to voice commands

2. the use of Jaws™ to read text and to read within DragonDictate dialog boxes

3. the use of MAVIS’ Nemeth Braille Converterã to covert the voiced mathematics into Braille

4. the optional use of the Duxbury Braille Translator™ to convert voiced mathematics into Braille

5. with Jaws™ on, reading the translated Braille on a refreshable Braille display

In cooperation with the mathematics department at Stephen F. Austin University, Nacogdoches, Texas, MT/VI was beta tested by a visually impaired graduate mathematics student. Using the finished product, Jason Balusek is independently studying mathematics.

MT/VI is the only mathematics program permitting a visually impaired person to independently study math!

MathTalk™ For Physical Disabilities™ - MT/LD

This program is our MathTalk™ /Scientific Notebook™ 3.5 with the "echo" and "read back" features of MT/VI.

The student voices the mathematics; there is an "echo" of the math as it is placed on the screen; and the math appears on the screen as a selected item.>

If the student wants to hear all of the screen entries, just say "read line", and the voiced math is read back.

MathTalk™ Into Braille – (MT/B)

MathTalk™ Scientific Notebook™ 3.5 combined with the new Duxbury Braille Translator™ (DBT). Voiced mathematics and text in Scientific Notebook™ can be saved and opened in the DBT for translation into Braille and embossed. This will save thousands of keystrokes and mouse movements for student and teachers. Also will work with the MT/NSP version.

MathTalk™ /Naturally Speaking™ – MT/NS

MathTalk™ /Scientific Notebook™ 3.5 combined with Naturally Speaking™ Professional.

The perfect combination of voiced mathematics and text dictation.

(C), (TM), (R) - Metroplex Voice Computing, Inc, Duxbury Systems, Inc, Microsoft, L&H/Dragon Systems, Inc., Design Science, Inc., MacKichan Software, Inc.

(c) - Metroplex Voice Computing, Inc, 2000, All Rights Reserved

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