2001 Conference Proceedings

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Picture It: Literacy for Everyone

Hands-On Lab
Jim and Jean Slater
Slater Software, Inc.
351 Badger Lane, Guffey, CO 80820
phone: 719-479-2255
fax: 719-479-2254

Picture It is software that quickly adds pictures to text. The flexible teacher tool can be used to adapt materials for learners in all curricular areas. This hands-on lab will teach participants the steps needed to use all the programÕs features while they produce documents for students.

When pairing picture with text, Picture It is the leading software for educators. Simplicity and flexibility combine to make this program a powerful tool. The support of pictures + text has meant success for many students who have met frustration and repeated failure learning to read. Students with moderate to severe needs, speech/language disorders, cognitive delays, hearing disabilities, learning disabilities, autism, developmental delays, and those learning English as a Second Language have improved reading and writing skills with the adapted materials.

Attendees will learn how to use the program to make a variety of materials for students struggling with learning literacy skills. The features of the software will be taught as a story, poem, reading comprehension exercise, and communication board are made. All attendees will receive a paper copy of their created materials that they can use in their educational settings.

This lab is appropriate for special educators, speech/language pathologists, teachers and parents. Picture It can be used with individuals of all ages--preschool through adult, but this presentation will be most useful to people who work with elementary-aged children.

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