2001 Conference Proceedings

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Mark Nelson, Product Manager
Ai Squared
Tel: (802) 362-3612
Email: mnelson@aisquared.com


This session will introduce ZoomText 7.5 - featuring major advancements in screen reading. The ZoomText screen reader has undergone a major overhaul, establishing it as a true blindness product. The new off-screen model provides an accurate representation of what's on the screen. Simple commands allow you to configure the screen reader for each application, reducing training time and expense.

Special attention has been focused on Internet support to insure that web pages are easy to read and navigate. ZoomText 7.5 extracts links and frames from all web pages and provides access to them in an easy to use dialog box. Links can be sorted, spoken and executed.

The new Screen Explorer tool lets you read any object on the screen by moving a pointer. Words, lines or blocks of text can be easily read. In addition, details about an object can be spoken, including its type, font, size and color.

The ZoomText 7.5 seminar will cover the following topics in depth:

Navigating and reading web pages

Using the Screen Explorer tool

Improved spreadsheet support

Enhanced typing echo

Improved targets

Multiple voices to indicate contextual information

Reading log-on screens

The presentation will conclude with a question and answer session as well as an opportunity for attendees to try out the product.

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