2001 Conference Proceedings

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Panel Discussion on Trends in Mainstream and Access Technology for Persons with Low Vision and the Blind

Harris Rosensweig, Manager Access Technology Services
Don Vu, Access Technology Lab Coordinator
1142 W. Evelyn Ave
Sunnyvale, CA 94086
(408) 245-7330


While the tug-of-war between product-to-market deadlines and built-in accessibility proceeds, new and rapidly-introduced advanced technologies threaten accessibility in the market today. Will the blind and visually-impaired be left behind as the age of newest technology emerges?

This pre-conference session will focus on the current state of both mainstream and access technologies for persons with low vision and the blind, where these technologies are heading, and the effects these trends may have on low vision and blind end-users. A panel discussion moderated by Sensory Access Foundation involving participants from such mainstream companies as Sun Microsystems, Microsoft, and IBM and various access technology companies will discuss a host of topics some of which may include:

Audience participation will be encouraged throughout the discussion.

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