2000 Conference Proceedings

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Supernova: The Total Access Solution

"Jane Churchward
Dolphin Computer Access, LLC
100 South Ellsworth Avenue, 4th Floor
San Mateo, CA 94401
Email: jane@dolphinusa.com 
Web: http://www.dolphinusa.com 

Abstract Supernova has undergone exciting new developments in the last 12 months and this session will be of value to anyone dealing with PC computing and visual impairment. Participants will see a full product demonstration, using a range of Windows applications with synchronized magnification, speech and Braille output.

Supernova provides magnification, multilingual speech output, and Braille support for Windows environments and associated applications. This powerful screen reader has an easy-to-use control panel, allowing full control over a wide range of features, and is the only screen access product designed for both blind and low vision computer users.

Participants will learn how Supernova can be deployed across an organization in order to make information technology fully accessible to those with a visual impairment without impacting on sighted users. Ideal for organizations catering for a range of needs, and for individuals who require a more powerful and flexible solution, Supernova comes with a unique server installation option for network-wide access. This means users are no longer confined to a "special" workstation and IT Managers can benefit from centralized administration common in mainstream client-server computing.

Dolphin’s goal is to achieve the mainstreaming of visually impaired access on industry standard systems. Supernova does not modify Windows, as we believe that our job as an accessibility aid developer is to make existing systems accessible, not to change them. We want to bring accessibility to Windows operating systems and applications into the mainstream by developing assistive technology that's easy to install, support and maintain on an enterprise-wide basis.

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