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What’s New in ZoomText The Latest Features in ZoomText

Ben Weiss
Ai Squared
Manchester Center, VT

This lecture will cover a variety of topics in the accessibility software field, all related to what’s new in ZoomText and where the product family is headed in the future. These topics will include:

All the new features in ZoomText Xtra will be discussed. ZoomText support for Windows 2000, which should be released by the CSUN conference, will be covered in detail. Other new features, such as support for SSIL speech synthesizers and the OPTi print magnifier will also be covered. Since software changes rapidly, we also expect to have several other improvements to discuss. We will also spend some time covering significant bug fixes made since the initial release of ZoomText 7.0.

With two new Microsoft operating systems are nearing completion, so this will be an opportune time to discuss Windows 2000 and Windows Millennium. We will cover the intended audience for these operating systems and how they differ, but the main focus will be on accessibility. The built-in accessibility applications will be compared to commercial accessibility applications. We will also cover who should upgrade to these operating systems.

Microsoft is now a prominent company in the accessibility field. We will spend some time discussing the effects Microsoft is having on the accessibility market, from a vendor’s perspective. We will also discuss Microsoft’s goals and accomplishments in accessibility and where we anticipate them going in the future.

We will cover what it means to be a vendor in accessibility software field. Will be talk about the advantages and disadvantages, in hopes of attendees getting a better understanding of the problems faced by vendors.

A brief history of Ai Squared will be presented. We will also get into the goals of the company and our future direction. We will then focus on the future of the ZoomText product line. This discussion will include improvements we are working on in magnification, character smoothing and screen reading.

We will also discuss our plans for the long awaited "Level 3", which will provide access to printed materials. This product will include magnification of printed and handwritten materials, highlighting and speaking of scanned text and form filling.

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