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Continuous Speech Input and Screen Reading is a Reality:

Dan Comden
University of Washington
DO-IT Program
Box 354842
Seattle, WA 98195

Many users of the JAWS™ screen reading software would like to benefit from the advantages provided by Dragon Systems™ continuous speech voice recognition software. It has been the experience of many who have tried to integrate speech input with speech output that these two programs may create conflicts that prevent their simultaneous use.

JawBone™ is a package of keystroke and script macro programming that enable the coordinated use of Dragon NaturallySpeaking Professional™ (ver. 3.52) and JAWS for Windows (ver. 3.2). This revolutionary interface allows the "nesting" of these two exciting technologies.

The product includes a library of Command Macros, NaturallySpeaking Macros, Microsoft Word Macros, and WordPad Macros. Recent improvements include the addition of the MacroBuilder module which allows simple voice commands to easily create text/keystroke macros, and the inclusion of audio cassette support materials which improve the accessibility of this exciting technology. By automating the General Training and Correction Dialogue Windows of NaturallySpeaking™, JawBone™ can create true independence for blind computer users. Both programs can be configured to manipulate most text based applications, email programs, and Internet access...greatly increasing both computing possibilities and breadth of use.

With these two programs working together, this dynamic interface can provide a computer system that can be used by individuals with many types of disabilities. Both programs can be configured to manipulate most text based applications...greatly increasing both computing possibilities and independence.

The developer of JawBone™ advises that this technology should only be implemented on computers with Pentium II processors with a minimum 128 MB RAM. This system must have a voice compatible full-duplex sound card. It is strongly recommended that JawBone™ users learn JAWS for Windows™ prior to the installation of JawBone™ and NaturallySpeaking™. Currently, this software only works with Dragon's NaturallySpeaking™ Professional edition. The developer does not maintain any relationship with Henter-Joyce, its affiliates, or subsidiaries and does not provide support for the JAWS for Windows™ product line.

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