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Successful Reading Experiences for Students with Severe Reading Disabilities

Trisha Johnson
Don Johnston Incorporated
Volo, IL
Phone: 847-740-0749
FAX: 847-740-7326

Students become successful readers by reading. But students with physical disabilities have limited access to print so they don't get enough reading experience. Older students who have moderate to severe reading disabilities are bored and unmotivated by books written at their reading level. Students with severe reading disabilities may also have language deficits resulting in poor world knowledge as well as poor reading foundations.

Based on the overwhelming success of the new reading intervention program, Start-to-Finishô age-appropriate literature written for reading success, this new reading series is unlike any other available to students and educators. It builds word and world knowledge. It controls vocabulary to ensure reading success. It provides the word repetition necessary for fluent reading. It comes in three formats to give each student the chance to have successful reading experiences and develop reading comprehension. Each format provides a type and amount of support, so you can match each student's access and reading skills. This new series collects data on every reading experience helping educators substantiate reading achievement.

These stories are written for older students reading at the first grade level. Combine this new reading series with the Start-to-Finish series so every student in your class can share the same rich literacy experiences.

Come learn about the unique Start-to-Finishô reading intervention program.

(If this presentation is accepted, more information will be provided in plenty of time for the printing of the conference program.)

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