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Surfing the Net with DiscoverSwitch

Trisha Johnson
Don Johnston Incorporated
Volo, IL
Phone: 847-740-0749
Fax: 847-740-7326

The Internet is an ocean of exploration, learning and fun. Now people with disabilities can ride this wave of information, thanks to Discover:Switch. Discover:Switch is the powerful, all-in-one computer access product that is for students who need a switch for operating the computer. Discover:Switch does everything that a regular keyboard and mouse do. It puts keyboard and mouse layouts on the screen; the keys scan and the student presses Discover:Switch to select keys. Discover:Switch runs all the software you're using in your classroom and works with the Internet so students with physical disabilities can take advantage of the vast resources available on-line.

Spend time with us in this lab and experience how versatile Discover:Switch is for surfing the Net. We'll give you first-hand experience of how Discover:Switch users can access all that the Internet has to offer. You'll see how Discover:Switch combines many mouse movements so users can easily click buttons on the screen, move around a web page and get where they want to go. We'll demonstrate how Discover:Switch works to create and send e-mail. You'll see how people can use Discover:Switch to participate in on-line chats. We'll show you how to use Discover:Switch to click on hypertext and link to other web sites. And we'll share special Discover files that were made for working on the Internet.

If you want the tools that will open up the World Wide Web to people with disabilities, this is a session you don't want to miss.

Setting the Standards for Computer Access

Since 1980, Don Johnston Incorporated has pioneered the technology that helps students with physical disabilities use their computers to read and write. Working with occupational and speech therapists, educators, administrators and parents, we've developed the products that have become the industry standards for computer access.


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