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Manny Ziegler, Employment Specialist
Southern California Project With Industry
10736 Jefferson Blvd., PMB #411
Culver City, CA 90230
Tel: (310) 387-5185
Fax: (310) 837-2754
Email: SCPWIMANNY@aol.com 
Website: www.scrspwi.org

The Internet is a wonderful tool for finding employment, especially for people with disabilities because it removes many barriers. It gives you a chance to research positions and companies, talk with human resource professionals andsometimes even interview over the internet without your disability being anissue for the employer. Of course, your disability may need to be discussedwhen you finally do meet with your new boss, but our goal is to get youconnected to them.

During this session I will go over ways to search for a job online using job search sites, company sites and other online resources. I will also discussways to post your resumes on these job search sites, ways to post your resumedirectly to a company's human resources site and how to respond to advertisedopenings. Proper ways of submitting your resume by email will also bediscussed.

In order to get a job, you usually have to look for one. One of the easiest ways to do this these days is on the internet. There are many sites that listjob openings from various companies. I will provide you with a list of many ofthese sites. I will give a demonstration on how to log on to these sites andhow to search for jobs by company, category or location. When youfind a job you are interested in on one of these sites, there are several waysof applying for it. Many times, the site provides a link directly to thecompany that is listing the opening or to an email address through which you cansubmit your resume. Other times, they simply list the website or email addressthrough which you should apply. Sometimes they will list other contactinformation for the position such as addresses, and phone and fax numbers.

When submitting a resume by email it is important to note what format you are attaching your resume in. I will discuss various options regarding emailingyour resume. If the company has a website through which you can submit yourresume, it will sometimes also have an additional application procedure for youto go through. I will submit a resume on the Boeing website to demonstratethis procedure. I will also demonstrate proper ways of posting your resume tothese sites. Some job search sites allow you to post your resume so that isavailable to companies that are searching for qualified applicants. I willalso demonstrate the proper way to post your resume on these sites.

In addition to job search sites and company sites, there are other resources you can use that will greatly help your job search. Different clubs andorganizations often provide links to companies in a certain field. Throughthese links you can contact companies to get information about availablepositions or email your resume. I will demonstrate the use of the HollywoodCreative Directory as such a tool.

Mailing lists can also be a wealth of information regarding job opportunities or simply a way of communicating with others in your field. I will pass out a listof mailing lists covering various fields of employment as well as several listsfor individuals with disabilities. I will also demonstrate ways to get thisinformation on your own.

There will be a question and answer session.

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Page 2, Paragraph 1 - Handout of job search websites obtained from S.C. Project

With Industry

Page 3, Paragraph 1 - Handout of mailing lists obtained from America Online

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