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Moti Krauthamer
Microsoft Corporation
Redmond, WA

Microsoft® Windows® 98 operating system is designed to make the PC work better by improving computer performance and making it easier to access the Internet and keep it running in top form. With Windows 98, the PC "plays" better via support for the latest graphics, sound, and multimedia technologies, easy addition and removal of peripheral devices, and by bringing TV to the user's computer. This version of the Microsoft operating system builds on features introduced with Windows® 95, and maintains the best support for older Windows-based applications and technologies. Specifically, Windows 98 allows the PC user to:

PC users want to enjoy all the Internet has to offer--surfing the Web for information, shopping for products and services online, hanging out in newsgroups, and chatting with friends and family via e-mail. With the Internet features built into Microsoft® Windows® 98, Microsoft has tried to make it easier to find the information needed, whether it's on the computer's hard drive, a local area network, or the Internet. Key improvements include the following:

With the rapid growth of the Internet, PC users want to be sure they're fully experiencing the rich multimedia content available today, and maybe even create some of their own. Microsoft® Windows® 98 offers a full set of Internet communication tools that let the user experience some of the more sophisticated options available through the Internet, such as full-featured e-mail and news reading and quality audio and video content. Users can even create their own Web site--complete with graphics--to post on the Web and share with family and friends. Windows 98 includes the following Internet communication and collaboration tools:

Microsoft® Windows® 98 operating system improves the computer's performance and provides automated tools that make it easy to keep the PC in tip-top shape. The latest enhancements include:

Computers run best with an occasional tune-up. Microsoft® Windows® 98 includes a variety of features that helps the user keep the PC running smoothly and efficiently. From helping the user learn how to use Windows 98 to making it easier to keep up to date, these features make it possible to get the most out of the PC:

Microsoft® Windows® 98 operating system transforms an ordinary computer into an advanced entertainment center by taking advantage of a range of new-generation hardware accessories and graphical enhancements. PC users can enjoy desktop computer games with arcade-style amenities--eye-popping special effects, dazzling color, and surround sound. Users can even watch full-length movies or television programs right on their computer. Windows 98 provides a more exciting and satisfying multimedia and gaming experience by supporting the following capabilities and technologies:

Windows 98 is designed with the goal of making computers easier to use for everyone, including individuals with disabilities. It has several new accessibility features in addition to those already present in Windows 95. The new features are based on input from users with disabilities and the organizations representing them, workers in the rehabilitation field, and software developers who create products for this market. New accessibility features include the following:

In addition, Windows 98 contains the following features carried over from Windows 95:

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