1999 Conference Proceedings

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A Hands-on Introduction to the Windows Access Pac - A Complete Solution for Windows Users in One Convenient Package.

Suzanne Feit
IntelliTools South
Simi Valley, CA

Scott Schafer
Novato, CA


The IntelliTools collection of creativity tools - IntelliKeys(, IntelliTalk(, Overlay Maker(, IntelliPics(, and ClickIt! ( - are now available for Windows users. This hands-on workshop, will introduce the Windows version of these tools and show how they can be used to help teachers, parents and trainers create and adapt materials for their classrooms. Solutions for assessment and access for students who need a multi-sensory environment, will be addressed. Activities that demonstrate solutions that teachers have used to successfully adapt curriculum, will also be presented. These activities, and many others, can be found on the IntelliTools Web Activity Exchange at www.intellitools.com.

Major Points of Presentation:

1. The workshop will demonstrate how the tools in the Windows Access Pac can help all students become more successful and independent learners. Extensive hands-on tutorials will be used to familiarize participants with each of the tools and their applications.

2. Access to the curriculum will be a primary focus. The types of curriculum adaptations presented, will be appropriate for either a full inclusion or special class environment.

3. Participants will leave with a copy of the IntelliTools Web Activity Exchange and Accessible Training Materials CD-ROM. This CD contains a host of activities that can be used as soon as participants return to their classrooms. A complete set of IntelliTools Training Tutorials and supplemental training slideshows are also included on the CD.

Access Solutions using the tools in the Window Access Pac

Since learning styles vary from student to student, it's important to look at a variety of input methods in addition to the traditional letter by letter keyboard. In particular, we will look at ways to provide students with auditory and visual feedback to meet different learning needs. Participants will see how adaptations made with the IntelliTools family of tools, give learners the chance to develop skills and independence.

The IntelliKeys is a keyboard with a changing face. For some users, the standard computer keyboard can be confusing - even overwhelming. The keys may be too small; their order difficult to remember; or there may be just too many keys to deal with at one time.

The seven Standard bar coded overlays that ship with IntelliKeys provide different access solutions for individual students.


IntelliTalk is a talking word processor for writing and communication. This inexpensive talking word processor has a full range of voice and speech options.

Overlay Maker

Overlay Maker is a drawing program that lets you create overlays for IntelliKeys. It can be used to create customized learning solutions for individual students. It's also an ideal tool for making curriculum adaptations. Participants will learn how to use Overlay Maker to:


This multimedia authoring tool is used for creating accessible multimedia activities. Activities can be quickly created using students' voices and stimulating graphics. Overlays can be customized to suit an individual's fine motor, gross motor, visual, and cognitive needs.


Many of today's software programs involve pointing to active locations on the screen and clicking with a mouse. ClickIt! allows a person who can't use a mouse to touch an overlay or a switch to activate these locations. Participants will learn how to use ClickIt! to make popular software programs accessible.

The IntelliTools Activity Exchange

The IntelliTools Activity Exchange on the World Wide Web, features activities submitted by teachers, therapists, and parents from around the world. These activities demonstrate how curriculum is being adapted for students in many different learning environments. Most of these activities take advantage of IntelliKeys and are accessible using customized overlays and switches. Many can also be accessed by a mouse or the regular keyboard promoting a more inclusive environment.

By using the tools in the Windows Access Pac to view activities from the Exchange, workshop participants will have a greater understanding of the potential of the tools for creating accessible curriculum solutions for students with special needs.

Sharing resources, developing inclusive solutions, and helping others use the creativity tools in the Windows Access Pac, are some of the ways IntelliTools promotes access to the curriculum.

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