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This thirty-minute presentation will highlight Overbrook School for the Blind's Overlay Library. The Overlay Library was developed to benefit the staff and students by providing a valuable resource of Overlays, and the ability to easily disseminate these educational materials across campus. The custom overlays that will be presented have been created using IntelliTools' Overlay Maker (TM), and function utilizing IntelliKeys (TM). IntelliKeys (TM) is an alternative keyboard device that allows complete computer access for students with a wide range of abilities.

The presentation focuses on computer access for the visually impaired and /or cognitively impaired student. The target audience for this program is educators, trainers, and parents. The presentation will highlight a variety of overlays, their use, and the development / implementation of Overbrook's Overlay Library. Participants will be given a variety of materials, and floppy disks that will contain the overlays discussed during the presentation. All presentation materials will have been created by the staff at Overbrook School for the Blind.

Overlay Extravaganza

The first portion of the presentation will demonstrate custom overlays that have been created for use in the following areas: mobility, ESL (English as a Second Language), ADL (Activities of Daily Living), math, social studies, pre- braille/braille literacy, language arts, and alternative software access for students who are visually and/or cognitively impaired.  The presenters will use a projection unit to demonstrate how the overlays can be used with a variety of software programs, and provide full inclusion for computer activities.

The methods utilized to create the overlays will be also be discussed. We will highlight the strategies OSB staff use to create tactual overlays, i.e., image enhancing, tactile object attachment, and / or braille labeling. The overlays we will be presenting have been created for students who range in age from 3-21 years. All overlays presented are adaptable to suit a wide range of student abilities and curriculum goals.    

Overbrook's Overlay Library

During the second portion of the presentation we will introduce information on the development of the Overbrook Overlay Library, from inception to current status. The Overbrook Overlay Library is a collection of overlays, lesson plans associated with the overlay, and instructions for classroom use. It is maintained by an Overlay Committee.   The Overlay Committee meets to exchange ideas, share expertise, and maintain the collection of overlays available for borrowing. This overview will include information about appropriate staff selection, staff development / training, committee meetings, and the organization and protocol for using the Overlay Library. We will emphasize the need for creating a committee that focuses on educational diversity, i.e. Speech Therapist, Occupational Therapist, Physical Therapist, classroom teachers, and technology specialists. 

The overall goal of the Overbrook Overlay Library Project is to maximize Overbrook's resources, and save teachers valuable time. As a greater benefit, teachers and specialists from around the campus have the opportunity to share a great deal of their knowledge with each other, and focus on the needs of all students.

Presentation attendees will be given literature on the steps to creating an Overlay Library within their school or organization.

Products Mentioned in the presentation are produced by:
IntelliTools Inc.
55 Leveroni Court., Suite #9
Novato, CA. 94949

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