1999 Conference Proceedings

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ZoomText Xtra 32: The Total Low Vision Solution

Scott Moore
Ai Squared
P.O. Box 669
Manchester Center, VT 05255
Email: smoore@aisquared.com

This session will introduce the new ZoomText Xtra 32 for Windows 95, 98 and NT – a combined screen magnifier, screen reader, and reading machine designed for individuals with low-vision. Participants will see a complete demonstration of ZoomText employed in a variety of mainstream applications. In addition, participants will learn about key benefits of ZoomText, including integrated magnification and speech with built in text-to-speech software, multi-platform support and competitive pricing.

The demonstration will highlight each of ZoomText’s features as used in a typical computing session. A selection of mainstream applications will be utilized for the demonstration, including Microsoft Office and Internet Explorer.

Key features in ZoomText Xtra 32 include:

The following topics/issues will be discussed at relevant points in the demonstration:

The benefits of integrated magnification and speech:

The differences between low-vision and blind speech requirements

Many screen reading features that are necessary for blind users, are not required for low-vision users. ZoomText’s ‘low-vision’ design is based on this concept and will be qualified during the session.

The design philosophy and goals behind ZoomText Xtra

To develop an integrated screen magnifier/screen reader specifically for low-vision users. Some key design goals were as follows:

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