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Jo Meyer, Partner
4149 Pinewood Lake Drive
Bakersfield, CA 93309
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Computer software can be exciting and fun. But not all of classroom activities center around the computer. Using the computer, SoftTouch’s Talk CD and Overlay Maker, you can develop curriculum and alter standard purchased games to use in the classroom.

Curriculum activities which meet the IEP’s of students and the social interaction that children need provide a wonderful way to integrate fun and learning. Using games provide a very natural social interaction with the students peers and family . Yet, games are such an important part of growing up with peers and friends. Teachers use games to teach and reinforce different concepts they have taught.

The student with disabilities who has been included in a regular classroom may well be excluded from these fun activities. Or, if they are included, they are “helped” through the gaming process. The typical purchased games for some students with disabilities are hard to learn and execute. These purchased games can be “altered” to meet the needs of the students. Using Overlay Maker and Talk CD these altered games are a “snap” for the teacher to make.

This lab will teach the participant easy and quick ways to make curriculum activities and alter purchased games using Overlay Maker.

This lab is perfect if the participant wants ideas for curriculum to find out easy ways to make the curriculum to learn to use Talk CD and Overlay Maker by IntelliTools to make curriculum

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