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Job creation for Handicapped Persons Occupational Therapy

Dr. Kurt Wimmer

Friedrich Panizza

Seebockgasse 12-14
1160 Wien
Austria- Europa
Tel. +43 1 486 52 44
Fax. +43 1 486 52 44 21

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Integration of the handicapped must not mean ignoring their handicap and acting as if it did not exist. Integration of the handicapped means allocating them the position in which they can get optimum promotion.

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The Center for the Handicapped of the City of Vienna, the only institution which is solely managed by the city administration is considered to be a model in this field.

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It is run as a day center targeted at enabling handicapped persons to participate in social and occupational life. New possibilities for the care and occupation of disabled people are created by using modern technologies.

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Occupational Therapy................

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The most important objectives are:

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The use of computers plays an important part in education not only in various therapy situations but also in preparation for simple office jobs.

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Most up to date equipment is available, thus not only small orders of private persons can be accepted but also large orders from big companies.

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The copying equipment available is provided by DANKA and consists of...............

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The computer is an IBM PC Model...

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For data transport an ISDN telephone line with a datatransfer rate of .... is used.

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This application was implemented by Dr. K. Wimmer GesmbH, an EDP Service Company in Vienna, which is specialized in implementing EDP methods and procedures for Disabled People and which is supported by IBM AUSTRIA.

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The clients learn to operate the devices and to process the copies.

As fixed delivery times are normally requested precise and accurate execution of work is necessary.

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Further activities are binding, foiling, keypunching and sorting of copies.

Moreover production of printed T-shirts, newspapers, manuals, theses, and mass mailing is offered.

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Incoming orders can be sent to the copyshop by E-Mail. If mass mailing is requested, address files can also be transmitted to the center.

If necessary or requested by the customer, the layout of the original will then also be arranged at the center.

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For example the center got an order from ARKENSTONE USA to produce manuals in Vienna in French for their French clientele. The copies were then mailed to French ARKENSTONE Dealers direct. A very important feature of this method is the dramatic increase in transport speed.

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The file was transferred by E-Mail and stored in the PC. As this PC is connected to the copier, the text of the manual goes straight into the copier.

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Thus a world wide market of potential customers for orders can be opened for orders to safeguard job opportunities for the handicapped.

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