California State University, Northridge

Council of Chairs Meeting of September 19, 2011 Minutes

I. Discussion of WASC Visit

It was agreed that the meeting with the WASC representative on Sept. 15 was successful;
it was notable that there was general agreement among Chairs (and, apparently, among faculty
represented at other meetings as well) about the issues of concern for WASC.

II. SOLAR 9.0 and class waiting lists

Visit from Patty Lord and Anita Robertson (Admissions & Records). They are soliciting
information from Chairs about what we’d like to see in waiting lists if they are turned on in
SOLAR. Waitlists can be turned off/on for individual sections of courses if necessary.
Several issues were discussed, including problems in the current system that go beyond
waitlists. Specific challenges for waitlists include course substitutions and prerequisites,
transfer student issues, requirements specific to particular programs (e.g. departments that
require a grade above C for a particular prerequisite), challenges with students repeating
classes (including distinguishing those who failed or withdrew the first time around from
those who simply want to improve on a C- grade), students joining waitlists for different
sections of courses they already found a seat in, permission numbers, and demand reporting.

The hope for the future of this program is that it will be integrated into Academic
Advisement along with a capability called “GPS” whereby a student will map out their entire
program with an advisor when they get here, and then all the courses they need in the
future will be automatically added to their shopping carts when the relevant semester rolls
around. This will help with demand reporting as well; Chairs will be able to build SOC based
on much more accurate sense of demand, at least for those students already on campus.

It was decided that Math & Developmental Math would road-test the new waitlist system
when it is rolled out.
It was also determined that we would meet in Bayramian Hall 101 for the next meeting,

III. Other Business

• Shari will forward a list from Cheryl Spector and Jackie Stallcup of tips on working with
students with disabilities.

• Electronic thesis – there will be an update next meeting; it was generally agreed that the
biggest problem here has been the top-down approach taken to this issue and the lack
of consultation with faculty and Chairs.

• Herman requests that we add to the next agenda the possibility of adding the Peace
Corps experience to programs. Carol Shubin will be invited to the next meeting at
11am (after the A&R presentation).



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