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Council of Chairs Minutes for September 17, 2012 10:00am-12:00pm

Present: Shari Tarver-Behring (Chair),  Ali Amini, Helen Heinrich, Sheena Malhorta, Paul Lazarony, Vicki Pedone, Jon Stahl.

Guests: Larry Becker (Political Science), Daisy Lemus (Co-director of Faculty Development)

  1. Introductions.
  2. The minutes of the May meeting were approved.
  3. At 10.40 Larry Becker and Daisy Lemus joined the meeting to discuss document “Things your Chair Wished You Knew.” 

    Faculty Development’s effort to create faculty learning community resulted in formation of a one -time discussion group consisting of chairs from various departments. As a result, the group, which included experienced and new chairs, decided to create a resource for faculty.  Lemus and Becker asked CoC for suggestions as to what to do with this document.

    CoC suggestions:

    • Edit document to make its wording consistent and positive in tenor; define the audience for this document.
    • Subdivide it into separate documents: for new and experienced chairs.
    • Ask Penny Jennings to vet it through the contract angle.
    • Rework the document into FAQ or Chairs’ Fact Sheet, citing section 600.
    • Post the finished document to the CoC website, use it for Chair’s retreat.

The group is willing to provide further feedback before the document goes to Penny.  The discussion raised the question whether it is time to create a “Best Practices for Chairs” type document.

  1. The group identified issues to be discussed with President Harrison (PH) at October 15 meeting:
  • Her vision to expand research and grants, and international programs.
  • Her vision for future student enrollment growth.
  • Her vision on branding.
  • CoC’s concerns for our current students around course enrollment and how we can do a better job of serving our students in this area
5. Discuss the Chancellor Office mandate to schedule 15% of classes for Fri and Saturday
  • How our committee can best support her as our new president, and whether there is anything that she would like from us.
  • Future suggested agenda items:
    • Invite Provost Hellenbrand to discuss 15% Fri-Sat enrollment  (November)
    • Invite Cynthia Rawitch and/or Elizabeth Adams to discuss Waitlist (October)
    • Invite Ann Morey to give a presentation (November)



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