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Council of Chairs Meeting of April 18, 2011 Minutes

I. Electronic Thesis and Dissertation Project (ETD)

Visit from members of the Pioneering Technology Group (Jeff Weigley, Karl
Rink, and Kate Vigna) along with Hedy Carpenter (GRIP) and Elizabeth
Altman and Helen Heinrich from the Library. The ETD was demonstrated
and discussed; the system is currently in pilot and expected to go live in the
Spring 2012 semester. Students will be able to take care of all administrative
paperwork online and upload their completed theses to the system (which
will automatically file copies in the Library’s digital archive). This will save
costs for students and the campus as well as decrease the use of paper. The
entire process is initiated by the student and governed by campus IDs and
logins; committee members will be able to see the students they are advising
and the Grad Coordinators will be able to see an overview of student loads.

Questions were raised regarding the possibility of Chairs having a view for
the system similar to the Graduate Coordinators; the Council of Chairs will
consider whether that is desirable or necessary at a future meeting.

II. Managing S-Factor Issues
Visit from George Uba, Chair of English. He shared the approach that the
English Department is taking to the S-Factor issues that have been raised on
campus recently and various approaches to these issues were discussed.
Council members agreed on the importance of maintaining rigorous
culminating experiences for students while ensuring that faculty workload
was appropriately compensated.

III. Minutes approved as submitted for December 20, 2010 meeting.

IV. Representatives and Chair for 2011-2

A new Chair will be elected at the next meeting. Lynne Lampert will be the
new Representative for the Oviatt Library. Engineering, Business, and AMC
will report back at the next meeting if there are new representatives.



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