California State University, Northridge

Council of Chairs Minutes for April 16, 2012 10:00am-12:00pm ED 1214

Present: Benavides, DeBose, Lazarony, Amini, Tarver-Behring

Guests: Lili Vidal, Jessica Isomoto

1. Lili Vidal, Director of CSUN's Financial Aid and Scholarship Department, discussed AB130, which allows for scholarships for undocumented students. AB540 pertains to undocumented immigrants who have attended high school in the US for 3 or more years, and allows these students to attend public colleges in CA for resident fees.  Under AB130, these students can receive privately funded scholarships this spring. They also will be eligible starting January 2013 to receive state funds like the state grant. And the Cal grant will be available in fall 2013 to these students. However, they are not eligible for federal educationally related funding. AB540 students can apply now for funding in spring 2013 for the Cal Grant through the California Dream Application, similar to the FAFSA, and then complete another application for fall 2013. The CSUN Admissions and Records Office determines which students qualify, and there are some qualifications for AB540 that may cause some students to fall between the cracks.

2. Jessica Isomoto, University Access Programs Coordinator from The Tseng College Dean’s Office, talked about Open University through the Tseng College of Extended Learning. Credits earned through Open University may be applied to degree work or transferred to other universities. A maximum of 24 units taken through Open University may apply to a baccalaureate degree at CSUN. A Maximum of 9 units may apply to a Masters degree. Jessica reviewed 2012 summer extended learning fees, which will not increase from last year. Students are eligible for financial aid in 2012 summer extended learning sessions if they carry 6 units as an undergraduate and 4 units as a graduate. Jessica also presented income amounts returned to individual colleges from summer 2011 as part of fee sharing. She discussed a willingness for the Tseng College to share any information about the income and functions of this college and a desire to work with faculty and departments to develop new classes and programs in conjunction with the state side curriculum process.

3.Committee debriefed on a meeting with incoming CSUN President Dianne Harrison. The committee enjoyed their first contact with Dr. Harrison at a meeting on March 27th 2012 hosted by the Council of Chairs Committee and the Faculty Senate Executive Committee. The committee plans to invite Dr. Harrison to a COC meeting next year.

Meeting adjourned at 12:00 pm.
Minutes submitted by Shari Tarver Behring



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