California State University, Northridge

Council of Chairs meeting: February 11, 2012 (10 am noon)

Present: Ali Amini, Paul Lazarony, Sandra Stanley, Shari Tarver-Behring, Lynn Lampert, Jose Benavides, Jennifer Kalfsbeek

  • 10:05: discussed November 2011 meeting notes and minutes:

    • Report on electronic thesis.  Going well in The Department of Educational Psychology and Counseling (EPC). Other departments will start this term. The EPC Department piloted the project and have positive reports overall.
    • Council of Chairs website is up and running now
    • Presidential search is still under way and the position is expected to be filled in March according to unofficial reports on campus.
    • No dates yet for “early start.”  Will invite Elizabeth Adams to discuss this topic at our next meeting.
    • Discussed departmental issues and uniquenesses regarding how the new PPR policy will affect each college and dept. The new policies are not relevant to all departments and colleges in the same way.


    Council of Chairs attendees officially approved NOV meeting minutes at 10:50 am
    Topics discussed during the FEB 2012 meeting:

    • Enrollment and FTE issues in 2011-2012:
      • We discussed inviting Harry to the next meeting. The group would like Harry to come to discuss the enrollment issues that occurred in spring 2012 and discuss the proposed fines for over-enrollment. We also discussed meeting with Harry in the future for proactively planning since some chairs felt caught by surprise with the enrollment issues.
      • We will invite Elizabeth Adams from international student office to discuss international students who are at times unable to get a full load and are in jeopardy of losing their Visas.


    • There was also discussion about international students and success in programs that are writing intensive.  TOEFL does not always prep well. We discussed the possibility of applying TOEFL standards differently by program and may want to work with Tseng College to advance the English level for students in writing intensive programs.  We will invite Elizabeth Adams to discuss this topic with us.
    • Discussion went to online teaching and learning
      • We will invite Tseng reps. to discuss online education and Open University and summer and intercession info and issues. Chairs would like more data and info so they can plan better for student benefit and financial benefit. Jennifer Kalfsbeek (COC member) will invite a representative from Tseng College to our April meeting discuss online teaching and learning, summer and open U.


    • We discussed the California Dream act regarding the acceptance of undocumented students into the U and how financial aid will be handled with these students.  We will discuss this more at the next meeting.

    Meeting adjourned at 11:50 am

    Minutes prepared by J. Kalfsbeek



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