California State University, Northridge

Council of Chairs Meeting of December 17, 2007 Minutes

Attended:  Nancy Burstein (Education), Craig Finney (HHD), Gary Lennon (MCCAMC), Nagy (Engineering), Tae Oh (College of S&M), George Uba (Humanities), Melanie Williams (Business/Economics), Jennifer Kalfsbeek (Tseng College)

1.  Approval of minutes from November meeting
Minutes were approved. 

2.  Medical withdrawal policy draft:  Dr. Linda Reid Chassiakos, Director, Student Health Center – time certain 10:05
Sylvia Freiberg – Medical withdrawal coordinator and assistant to the director

The Student Health Center handles the majority of medical withdrawals, about 300-400 students each semester that include car accidents, death in the family, etc.  Sylvia Freiberg typically contacts faculty to see if there are other options.  If a student is getting financial aid, he/she should contact other agencies because it’s good chance they may have to repay financial aid they have received.  A “petition for complete withdrawal for medical reasons” was distributed.  It was explained that the problem was with notification. This is very time consuming process and the possibility of eliminating notification to faculty was discussed.  A&R puts a W on the records.  Therefore, faculty would know that the student was no longer in the course by reviewing the student roster. 

A partial withdrawal is done through Maureen Rubin and the form needs to get professors’ signatures.

Discussion followed.  Melanie suggested that the student should sign an acknowledgement since anyone that has access to SOLAR can see it. 

Dr. Chassiakos emphasized that faculty are encouraged to contact the Center if they have a concern regarding the student.  The Center will advise them of resources for the student.  The Center’s extension is 3689.  Dr. Stevens is Director of Counseling Center – extension 2364. 

3.  University calendars (drafts):  Frank Stranzl and Dr. Penny Jennings – 10:30
It was explained that the academic calendar has been somewhat controversial and the university has been experimenting with different schedules.  The proposed calendar is now for three years out: 2009-2012.  They have looked at issues related to the calendar and held focus groups with faculty regarding preference.  There has been lots of consultation with faculty, students, the Senate, Provost’s Council and Council of Chairs. 

Discussion followed.  Traditionally RTP letters go out prior to spring break.  Spring break is the week after Cesar Chavez day.  If we have a full summer session, we will not have a winter break.  It might be possible to still have a winter session but it would have to overlap.  

After the preliminary consultation with EPC in January, the proposal goes to faculty senate, provost’s council and the cabinet.  It should be distributed to Chairs for feedback.  Staff issues should get back to HR. 

4.  Other business
Concern was voiced regarding the draft of the new Research Fellow’s Competition.  Department Chairs were not asked for input.  It was suggested that the document be refined.  This issue will be placed on agenda for next semester.

It was pointed out that the College of Science and Math will not have a research fellowship.  They are converting the funds to graduate student scholarships. 

Craig spoke to Harry about stipends/units assigned to chairs.  Harry will meet with Craig and Diane Stephens for more discussion.



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