California State University, Northridge

Council of Chairs Meeting of November 21, 2011 Minutes
10:00am-12:00pm | BH 101

Present: Ali Amini, Herman DeBose, Werner Horn, Paul Lazarony, Steve Sinclair, Sandra Stanley, Shari Tarver-Behring, Lynn Lampert, John Stahl (for Bernardo Attias)

Guests: Elizabeth Altman, Oviatt Library Web Services Coordinator, Lili Vidal, Director of Financial Aid, Ann Morey, Interim Director of Career Center, Magnhild Lien (chair of PPR), Matthew Cahn, and David Aks (PPR Members)

1. The minutes from Oct., 2011 meeting were approved with minor changes.

2. The committee discussed faculty teaching ONLINE courses and holding office hours-on campus, on-line, both, neither, etc. The committee looked at the university policy for live office hours. No specific policy exists for online office hours. Several chairs reported that their college had created a committee to set policy on online classes, including office hours. Steve Sinclair pointed out situations that necessitated online-only office hours, such as faculty living away from campus for a semester, and faculty with handicapping conditions that prevented mobility to and from campus. Chairs representing colleges without specific online college committees agreed to take back the request to develop such a committee in the future.

3. Shari Tarver Behring gave an update on an electronic theses presentation in the COE in November. Several concerns from a previous presentation were resolved in the presentation, such as who will have access to information about faculty and the committees that they chair (only the graduate coordinator will see this information beyond the list available to each faculty about their own committees), acknowledgement in the online instructions that students must first meet and gain face to face approval from their chair about agreement to serve and the topic, and the requirement for a live signature from committee members for the thesis/project to be submitted. In addition, live and online resources from graduate studies and the online thesis committee are available to students and faculty as needed.

4. The COC website has been updated with the current information about this year’s committee members, meeting times, and minutes.

5. Shari gave an update on the presidential search following a meeting with members from the board of regents with CSUN faculty representatives.  The COC committee discussed a campus wide meeting about the CSUN presidential search held on Oct. 27th, 2011, with the Chancellor and representatives from the presidential search committee, the campus advisory committee, and other campus representatives. After the COC meeting in Nov., CSU Chancellor Charles B. Reed appointed Dr. Harold Hellenbrand, provost of California State University, Northridge, as interim president of the university beginning January 1, 2012.

6. The committee briefly discussed mandatory Early Start for new freshman at CSUN needing Developmental math or English courses. Students will be required to take online developmental classes in the summer prior to starting fall classes as a freshman. More information to come in Spring 2012.

7. Elizabeth Altman, Oviatt Library Web Services Coordinator, spoke briefly on seeking a department chair to participate on a project proposal review committee for the second offering of ScholarWorks Learning Object Grants. Herman DeBose agreed to serving in this role.

8. Lili Vidal Director of Financial Aid, Ann Morey, Interim Director of the Career Center, made a very informative presentation about post-graduate opportunities, including scholarship and financial aid, volunteer opportunities, creating an effective resume, and other resources that support success when seeking future employment. Handouts were exceptionally comprehensive and helpful!

9.PPR representatives Magnhild Lien (chair of PP&R), Matthew Cahn, and David Aks (PP&R Members) made a presentation regarding language changes in Section 600, which would clarify the university standard for publication and the standard for evaluation of faculty under consideration for retention. Handouts were provided. The Council of Chairs committee gave feedback about these proposed changes as these changes relate to new faculty in the RTP process, and encouraged the PP&R representatives to consult widely with various governing bodies, committees, and faculty on campus.

10.The next COC meeting will be on Feb. 13th in ED 1214 10AM-12.

Adjournment: Meeting was adjourned at 12:10 pm
Minutes prepared by S. Tarver Behring.



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