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Council of Chairs Meeting of November 21, 2005 Minutes

Members present: AMC (Peter Nwosu), B&E (Shirley Svorny); Education (Rick Castallo); H&HD (Joyce Munsch), S&M (Magnhild Lien); S&BS (Nathan Weinberg); Oviatt (Doris Helfer); ExL (Tyler Blake); CFA Representative (Julio Blanco).

  1. Minutes of October 17, 2005 were approved with minor changes.
  2. Members discussed chairs' working conditions (unwillingness of faculty to serve as chairs, retention, yro, 125% rule, etc), and resolved as follows: to explore the possibility of a system wide meeting to address chair's issues (Julio Blanco, as COC representative on CFA to coordinate this effort); follow up with Trustee Craig Smith on his briefing at his November 11 meeting with the Council and the Faculty Senate that the Board of Trustees and the Chancellors' office had set up a Task force to explore chairs working conditions, with a report expected in Spring 06; set aside a portion of December 19 COC meeting to explore what options might exist (including at CSUN) to make concrete progress on these issues in light of past efforts.
  3. Perceptions of grade inflation across the university and implications for program quality received Council attention. Data has been requested from IR. Council chair will work with a sub-committee of Professor James Sefton (History Department) and Chair Svorny to review and analyze data. Results and recommendations will be discussed at the Council in Spring 2006 and will be shared thereafter with appropriate campus units/department chairs.
  4. Tyler Blake, Director of Distance Learning, Tseng College of Extended Learning, presented information on ExL's programs and how these programs reinforce the academic programs of various departments. He also explained how ExL-department partnerships in special support programs such as the B.A. in Public Sector Management (PSM) or certificate programs (e.g. Certificate in Communication and Conflict Management) function to bring additional discretionary resources to departments.
  5. Doris Helfer, Chair, Library Technical Services, Oviatt Library, presented information about changes to the Library website -- ADA compliance, electronic course reserve, ability to track inter-library loan requests, digital collections, 24-hour interactive system, etc.
  6. Next Council meeting is December 19, 2005 (Room 3107, Juniper Hall, formerly Business Administration Building). Council meetings are open to the University Community.

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