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Council of Chairs Minutes for November 19, 2012 10:00am-12:00pm

Present: Shari Tarver-Behring (Chair), Ali Amini, Herman DeBose, Helen Heinrich, Jennifer Kalfsbeek-Goetz, Sheryl Low, Paul Lazarony, Vicki Pedone (note-taker du jour), Jon Stahl

Guests: Ann Morey (Director, Career Center ), Emily Hagan (Pathways Program Coordinator ) and Carol Shubin (Professor, Mathematics

  1. The minutes of October 15, 2012 were approved.

  2. Chair's announcements.

    • Shari presented summaries of meetings that she attended on behalf of the Council of Chairs and/or of interest to all chairs: the University Planning and Budget Group, the Academic Calendar Cabal, and the Faculty Contract Update meeting. Several committee members had also attended the latter meeting, and there was a brief discussion of:
      1) the impact of changes to minimum summer salary (85% to 65%) and 2) how this campus might address the issue of salary compression.
    • The email from the Provost's office about the National Chair's Academy in Long Beach in January 2013 was discussed. Herman announced that he was planning to attend. Others expressed interest, but had not funding. Shari said that she would inquire if the Provost's Office could provide support for those who would like to attend.

  3. The Council selected a date for a social gathering on December 3 at the Macaroni Grill from 12:00-1:30'ish. The meeting scheduled for December 17 was canceled—once again, general enthusiasm abounded.
  4. Time Certain 10:30. Ann Morey and Emily Hagan gave a PowerPoint presentation (with hardcopy handout) and web-demonstration of Pathways. The login can be accessed at: The members of the council asked lots of questions and were pleased and enthusiastic about the product. We all were eager to login soon and find out what information was listed for our departments and how we could help provide additional information.
  5. Time Certain 11:30. Carol Shubin gave an overview of the Peace Corp Master's International Program and handed out a brochure. She also spoke about the need for University committees and groups to share information and meetings minutes. One way to do this is through Moodle. Please contact Carol for more information at



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