California State University, Northridge

Council of Chairs Meeting of November 18, 2002 Minutes

The meeting was called to order at 9:40 a.m.

Members Present: Julio Blanco (SC&M), David Moon (AMC), Sid Schwartz (CECS), Tom Spencer-Walters (S&BS) and Yolanda Rosas for Gregory Velazco y Trianosky (HUM).

Members Absent: Michael Barrett (LIB) (excused), Bonnie Ericson (EDUC) (excused), Adam Gifford (BAE) (excused), Gregory Velazco y Trianosky (HUM) (excused) and Jan Adams (HHD) (excused).

Guests: Abe Feinberg (Chair, PP&R), Jerry Luedders (Chair, Music), Joyce Munsch (Child & Adolescent Development), Michael Reagan (Ref. & Instr., Library & CFA) and Chery Spector (University 100, UGS).

Presenters/discussants: Elizabeth Berry (Acting Chair, Communication Studies), Cynthia Desrochers (Director, Center for Excellence in Learning & Teaching), Margaret Fieweger (Assoc. Vice President, Undergraduate Studies), Lorrain Newlon (Director, Admission and Records) and Steven Stepanek (Chair, Computer Science).

  1. The minutes of the October 21, 2002 meeting were approved without corrections.
  2. Evaluations of PT Faculty. Elizabeth Berry provided the motivation for the presentation given by Cynthia Desrochers. Abe clarified some issue related to FT & PT faculty evaluations. Materials developed by Cynthia for evaluations are available.
  3. Impaction. Margaret explained the concept of impactation. Several departments at CSUN have declared impactation. Steve discussed his Department as an example. Issues related to supplementary criteria were addressed by Lorrain as well as admission datelines.

The meeting was adjourned at 11:35 a.m. The next Council of Chairs meeting will be held on Monday, February 17, 2003 at 9:30 a.m. in the Oviatt Library Room 314.

Respectfully submitted: Julio R. Blanco, Chair
Council of Chairs


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