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Council of Chairs Meeting of November 17, 2003 Minutes

The meeting was called to order at 10:02 a.m.

Members Present: Janet Adams (HHD), Julio R. Blanco (SC&M), Doris Helfer (LIB), William P. Jennings Jr. (B&E), Rie Rogers Mitchell (EDU), David Moon (AMC), Sid Schwartz (CECS), Gregory Velazco y Trianosky (HUM), and Nathan Weinberg (S&BS).

Members Absent: none

Substitutes for Members: none

Guests: Elizabeth Berry (AMC) and Roberta Madison (Health Science).

Presenters/discussants: Spero Bowman, Donald Hall, Tom McCarron, and Jane Spaw-DeLorenzis.

  1. The minutes of the October 20, 2003 meeting were approved with no corrections.
  2. Donald Hall discussed procedures for student evaluation of faculty under discussion in a university committee. The IBM computer used in past years to administer these student evaluations will be retired at the end of the Fall 03 semester. Under consideration is the use of on-line evaluation methods. However, low participation is feared. The committee does not favor the use of carrot/stick instruments to encourage participation. Several suggestions were made including creating a campus culture that recognizes certain weeks each semester as 'faculty evaluation weeks'. This is an important aspect of faculty life and further comments can be emailed to Don.
  3. Tom McCarron and Jane Spaw-DeLorenzis presented an overview of the University Licensing Program. It is important to understand that there is statutory requirement to recover fair costs when for profit (and/or not for profit) entities wish to utilize university facilities. There is a need to establish a central calendar for the purpose of coordinating all types of events. Policy is being drafted to determine when it is appropriate to wave fees in the case of events sponsored by the various academic units; the office of the Dean will be able to assist in this determination. Short-term leasing of facilities is another issue of concern. The need for establishing fair costs to assist everyone in planning events is very important and The University Corporation (TUC) is addressing this. Draft materials were distributed and TUC requested comments. TUC wishes to present a final document to the Provost in early January. However, the council felt there was not enough time to comment prior to our February meeting. Tom encouraged everyone to send comments to him ASAP. The council supports TUC in drafting a university licensing policy. Everyone planning an event should consult with the office of the Dean early to get help and ensure that policy is being followed.
  4. Spero Bowman discussed a staff position analysis report based on the most current data. This information was welcomed but the council requested that the data include the last 5 years (not just 2002-03) to underscore trends such as enrollment growth, FT/PT faculty ratios, and others. Spero agreed to provide such data during the Spring. The council inquired about the budget source for staff positions and the process in general. All chairs are not aware of the process. A resolution regarding decisions to allocate funds to staff versus faculty positions passed by the Council was also discussed. It was understood that it is already policy that the Deans have authority to request staff positions. However, the intent of the resolution is to create the habit of discussing staff needs along with faculty needs at Dean's council. The resolution will be forwarded to the Provost with a cover letter explaining its purpose. It was also discussed that the university has an open-budget policy. Chairs are encouraged to request budget allocations from their Dean if they do not receive such information. Spero also explained that the reason SOLAR interacts slower than one would expect is that information is extracted from the database in the state of Utah causing some delays.

The meeting was adjourned at 11:55 a.m. The next Council of Chairs meeting will be held on Monday, December 15, 2003 at 10:00 a.m. in the Oviatt Library Room 102C.

Respectfully submitted: Julio R. Blanco, Chair Council of Chairs


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