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Council of Chairs Meeting of November 16, 2009 Minutes

In attendance:


PPDS on Civility: The Provost’s session on civility during times of budget crisis and accompanying furloughs brought discussion as to whether or not the discussion was going to be shared across various levels. At issue is shared governance at the college level and promoting interaction between chairs and deans. It was suggested and endorsed that there be a similar session on shared‐governance at the 2010‐11 Dean’s and Chair’s Retreat.

Provost Hellenbrand:
Enrollment will be capped in 2010‐11 resulting in a decline of 10.8% for the year; over the next two years, enrollment will be cut about 16%. The system is not funded at the level it should be and students are paying more for their education to close in on a 40/60 ratio of student tuition/fees v. state support. To manage the enrollment cap, the university will not add classes, instructors will decide whether to add students beyond the course cap.

Discussion guaranteeing that the university continue to recruit and serve a diverse student population. The university is exploring strategies to offset potential impact. The university will continue to focus on the local population and will increase admission requirements for students outside of the area. The impact will be felt by the Latino/a population, and to a lesser degree, the African American population. Changes will have little impact on Native American population and the Asian American population.

Financial Aid in all of this: Generally, FA assistance has increased 20% and while the governor has cut Cal Grants, the Feds have increased the number of Pell Grants available to students. The university is looking to make strategic cuts based on principles that have yet to be established. The library, EOP, and GE were those mentioned. Over the next 5 years there will be a continued decrease in state funding while fees will continue to rise, offsetting one another. In addition to the fee increase, the Chancellor’s Office is looking at continuing furloughs.

GE Council (Bonnie Paller and Steve Stepanek)
The Faculty Senate has endorsed the idea of a GE Council and has asked the GE Task Force to seek input from the university community on the structure, membership, and authority of the council. The GE Council will be responsible for such matters as reviewing GE curriculum, making recommendations to the Faculty Senate on GE, GE recertification, and reviewing SLOs (see “Report from the GE Task Force, Fall 2009”). Membership will consist of 13 voting members and the Council will be formed according to one of two models currently being considered (see Report). Initially, the Council will be formed as a subcommittee of EPC but in the future, will be an independent committee led by a General Education Program Director reassigned (likely part‐time) to the position. Discussion about the composition of the GE Council centered on the lecturer and student membership and the importance of balance in the membership on the Council.



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