California State University, Northridge

Council of Chairs Meeting of November 15, 2010 Minutes

In attendance:

I. Election of secretary

Ben Attias was nominated for the position of secretary.

ll. Visit from Vicki Pedone regarding Cynthia Rawitch’s five-year review

Vicki Pedone informed the council that Elizabeth Adams is chairing AVP Cynthia Rawitch’s five-year review committee, and that the committee is collecting feedback by talking with focus groups, such as the Council of Chairs and EPC, and sending out surveys to groups such as department chairs and WASC steering committee members. The review committee plans to complete their work before the winter break. The council provided Vicki Pedone with confidential feedback concerning the AVP of Undergraduate Studies.

lll. Other business

The council identified several key topics that might be appropriate for further discussion by this body:

  1. Reviewing outdated systems, such as S-Factor classifications.
  2. Reviewing the protocols for helping students with mental health challenges.
  3. Discussing ways that the council might recognize the successes of junior faculty.
  4. Discussing managing space on campus.

The meeting was adjourned at 11:30 a.m.



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