California State University, Northridge

Council of Chairs Meeting of November 15, 2004 Minutes

Members Present: Janet Adams (HHD), Magnhild Lien(SC&M), William Jennings (B&E), Rie Rodgers Mitchell (EDU), Peter Nwosu (AMC), Sid Schwartz ( CECS), Nathan Weinberg (S&BS), Michael Barrett (Library)

Guests: Jerry Luedders, Eric Forbes, Ed Alfano, Penny Jennings

  1. Jerry Luedders and Eric Forbes presented some of the changes in enrollment for the Spring semester. In particular they pointed out:
    1. Students will not be allowed to add classes or change the basis of grading after the fourth week. Faculty will need to tell students who are attending that they must enroll within the first four weeks.
    2. Students who are applying late for financial aid and have put off enrolling for that reason should enroll using the installment payment plan (IPP).
    3. Students should not try to use a permission number if there is a registration hold (library bill, parking ticket, etc.) in place. The permission number will be invalidated.

      Luedders and Forbes also discussed some of the ongoing changes that are being made in SOLAR and in DARS. Next semester faculty will be able to access an indicator roster that will show if the students have completed course prerequisites. Forbes informed the council that Chairs can have access to the schedule in SOLAR if they get training in that aspect of the system. He will be sending Chairs some information on how to get the training.
  2. Rie Mitchell announced that the task force on advisement survey would be going out to the Chairs and she encouraged chairs to respond to the survey.
  3. Ed Alfano and Penny Jennings presented some of the current ideas concerning the use of departmental Memoranda of Understanding with new faculty. The memoranda could help to clarify for the new faculty member the specific teaching, scholarship, and service expectations of their department and college. They would also provide a form of continuity as a matter of record for the faculty member as departmental and college review agencies change from year to year. The use of the memoranda was discussed by the council and some reservations were raised reflecting the differing expectations and needs of different departments.
  4. The council meeting scheduled for December will not be held.

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