California State University, Northridge

Council of Chairs Meeting of October 19, 2009 Minutes

In attendance:

Guests: Elizabeth Say, Michael Neubauer


Minutes of the September 21, 2009 meeting were approved with minor revisions.
Elizabeth Say and Michael Neubauer who are spearheading the WASC reaccreditation review process joined the beginning of the meeting to discuss the three step WASC process:

1. Institutional Proposal was approved in December 2007

2. Capacity and Preparatory Review (a report on the capacity of the university to accomplish the goals in the Institutional Report) is due November 11, 2009. Comments on the posting will be accepted up until October 27. The CPR portion of the review will be accompanied by a site visit February 3‐5, 2010.

3. Educational Effectiveness Review will be due in 2011.

Say and Neubauer requested that the C of C review the document on the WASC website. A blog is attached to the posting and all reviewers are free to post comments on the blog. Two open forums will provide opportunities for faculty and staff to meet with members of the CSUN WASC team.

The Provost has asked the C of C to participate in the next PPDS on a “Conversation about effective communication/discourses of civility and decision making in challenging times”, a special session for department chairs, scheduled for Monday, November 9 from 9:00‐11:45am. There was some confusion as to the exact role the C of C would play in the event. Kretschmer agreed to write Peter Nwosu and the Provost for clarification.



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