California State University, Northridge

Council of Chairs Meeting of October 18, 2004 Minutes

Members Present: Janet Adams (HHD), Magnhild Lien(SC&M), William Jennings (B&E), Rie Rodgers Mitchell (EDU), Peter Nwosu (AMC), Sid Schwartz ( CECS), Nathan Weinberg (S&BS)

Guests: Michael Reagan, Vicki Pedone, and Jennifer Matos

  1. There was an extensive discussion of Provost Hellenbrand meetings with the various College and Department Personnel Committees held during the past several weeks.
  2. Michael Reagan heard and discussed the chairs issues with CFA, including some concern that contract provisions relating to lecture entitlements imposes substantial workload burden on the chairs. Michael encouraged the chairs to form a Statewide Chairs Council within CFA.
  3. Vickie Pedone and Jennifer Matos from the GE Task Force discussed the alternative proposals currently under consideration. Vickie and Jennifer expressed their desire to meet with individual departments.
  4. Spero Bowman, Jerry Leudders, Margaret Feiweger, and Eric Forbes will meet with the Council of Chairs at our November 15th meeting to discuss issues related to SOLAR, registration, add and drops procedures and related issues.

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