California State University, Northridge

Council of Chairs Meeting of October 17, 2011 Minutes
10:00am-12:00pm | BH 101

Present: Amini, Benavides, deBose, Horn, Kalfsbeek, Lazarony, Sinclair, Stanley, Tarver-Behring
Guests: Patty Lord, Tina Purtee, Anita Robertson, Carol Shubin.

1. Solar 9: Anita Robertson, and Tina Purtee gave information about the new features in SOLAR 9, including the new Faculty Center. The new software has some known bugs that were pointed out. Patty Lord gave an update on wait list features, which were discussed in the last meeting. Other campuses which use these features are very satisfied with them. Wait lists expire at the end of regular enrollment. Questions were raised on whether it is possible to extend the feature through the beginning of the semester. Questions were also raised by Sinclair and Tarver-Behring about how to improve the enrollment control in Departments were students need individual placement into courses.

2. The minutes of the meetings in April, May, and September were approved contingent on listing the attendees of these meetings.

3. Peace Corps International Masters Program: Carol Shubin (Mathematics) gave an overview of the Peace Corps International Masters Program. The program consists of a Masters Program at CSUN combined with a tour of Duty in the Peace Corps. Students will get three to six units of credit toward their degree for the Peace Corps Service. The program is currently offered in Mathematics and in Secondary Education, but other disciplines are invited to join the program. In the discussion after the presentation it came up that in a time of scarce career opportunities for graduates there should be more information about temporary programs of this nature, as they may be more attractive at this time.

4. Discussion of Trustee visit and presidential search: Tarver-Behring reported on her meeting with faculty representatives and trustees Bob Linsheid and Debra Farer who are in the presidential search committee. The committee is interested in having an expedited search. Currently it is planned that the position will be filled by January 23, otherwise an interim president will be selected. CSU has currently four presidential searches underway, and the PR disaster over new SDSU presidents salary made it more difficult. It was reiterated that the campus needs a president who is committed to the local culture of open and shared governance. Applicants' identities will remain confidential. Candidates will not have official visits to campus, however, unofficial visits may occur.

5. CFA involvement of new chair training: Dave Ballard inquired whether it is possible for CFA to play a greater role in the training of new chairs, especially in contract and RTP issues. Currently this training is provided by Faculty Affairs. It was decided that more CFA involvement is not necessary at this time and Ballard's offer will be reconsidered, if it is deemed necessary.

6. Office Hours for Online Courses: Following up an email by Cynthia Rawitch office hour policies for online course were discussed. Section 600 has no specific requirement on the number and format of office hours. Colleges have their own policies, which vary widely, but they also do not regulate the format. Moreover, many of these policies are outdated. Online courses also present challenges in evaluation of faculty. It was decided to gather information about the different policies and revisit the topic later.

7. Update on Electronic Theses: The pioneer technology group will meet with the Department of Ed. Psychology & Counseling. Tarver-Behring will relay the issues and questions of other departments at the meeting. CoC will be updated at the next meeting.

8. Other Business: As result of this meeting, CoC will ask Lily Vidal of Financial Aid, and Ann Morey of the Career Center to the next meeting to inform CoC of the existing opportunities for graduates.

Adjournment: Meeting was adjourned at 12:08 pm
Minutes prepared by W. Horn



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