California State University, Northridge

Council of Chairs Meeting of October 17, 2005 Minutes

Members Present: AMC (Peter Nwosu), B&E (Shirley Svorney), E&CS (Nagi el Nagy), H&HD (Joyce Munsch), Humanities (Greg Trianosky), S&M (Magnhild Lien), S&BS (Nathan Weinberg)

  1. Members discussed the role of the Council, and explored strategies to employ in strengthening the Council's work as an important constituency on academic planning and implementation at the university. Some of these strategies include the following; play a more proactive role in the discussion of academic issues that might impact program quality and making recommendations to appropriate channels, officially recognize and commend the university's commitment to such issues as recruitment and faculty housing, improve the quality of communication and information sharing among and between the Council and Administration, and ensure that College representatives in the Executive Committee of the Council regularly report back to their College Advisory Councils relevant Council discussions and information, revamp the Council website, and extend invitation to all department chairs and Provost Council regarding council meetings.
  2. Council agreed that the following issues merit further discussions of members during the 2005-2006 Academic Year:
    • Faculty attrition and new recruitment, and impact on program quality, accreditation, etc (retrieve, review and analyze data from the Office of Institutional Research). Grading across campus--examine current practice to address perceptions regarding grade inflation,
    • Academic Advising--to improve student graduation rate--examine current practice in College Advisement Centers regarding GE Advising and Major Advising in the context of CSU Trustees 22-point to graduation document,
  3. Guests: Spero Bowman, Janet Rienbolt, and Bob Stark presented information on SOLAR and new program on Online Faculty Evaluation. Departments reserve the right to choose between paper evaluation of faculty (currently the practice) or experiment with online evaluation of faculty. Council discussed both the advantages and disadvantages of both approaches, and agreed with the University that faculty/departments make the final decision on which approach or a combination of approaches to employ. Spero Bowman's office will assist individual departments interested in trying online evaluation of faculty by students enrolled in each course being evaluated.
  4. Council expressed appreciation of the Provost's approval of Council's Chair's request of a modest contribution of $1000.00 to support the work of the Council.
  5. Council recommended the appointment of Julio Blanco, Chair of Physics and Astronomy, to represent the Council on the Executive Committee of CFA. Council Chair to communicate acceptance to CFA President, David Ballard.
  6. Council discussed meeting dates and times, and resolved to keep intact the current meeting schedule of third Monday of each month from 10am to 12noon each semester. It urged College Representatives elected to the Executive Committee to keep in mind this schedule when they are elected to serve.
  7. Next meeting of Council is November 21, 2005. Council Meetings are open to the University Community.

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