California State University, Northridge

Council of Chairs Meeting of October 20, 2008 Minutes

In attendance:

Craig Finney (HHD)
Peter Grego (AMC)
Phyllis Herman (HUMN)
Hamid Johari (E&CS)
Jennifer Kalfsbeek (Tseng) – Secretary
David Kretschmer (EDU)
Tae Oh (COSM)
Melanie Williams (COBAE) – President

Not in attendance:

Tom Spencer-Walters (S&BS)


Bill Whiting and Equity and Diversity Representatives
Penny Jennings

- The COC heard from guests from PP&R on the proposed changes to Section 620.2.3 related to training for department Equity and Diversity Representatives, Bill Whiting and company.

� A draft of the proposed change, intended to make the section more specific and detailed in order to “ensure the pool of applicants is highly diverse”, was provided to the COC for immediate review and feedback.
� Upon review of the draft, the COC offered the following questions/suggestions to the Equity and Diversity Representatives:

1.The COC asked, at what interval department representatives would be expected to attend the seminar trainings outlined in the proposed change. The group was expressed concern because the faculty who serve on department personnel committeesare already heavily committed; to add a frequently occurring training session would be a lot to expect.
2.The COC asked that the committee specify whether the proposed training is mandatory and suggested that it simply be advisory or suggested. . ,
3.The COC suggest the training include case studies in the training.
4.The COC suggested that the committee consider alternative formats of delivery. For example, since mandatory Sexual Harassment trainings are offered online, maybe these can be offered online as well, for ease of participation and to increase attendance.
5.The COC requested a flow-chart of the training process.

- Penny Jennings spoke to the COC on PPI: Post Promotion Increase. Penny provided information regarding those eligible in the two cohorts of the PPI process. Penny is the contact person if chairs would like to know which of their faculty are eligible. Penny said there are 2 important things to remember:

� How to apply: online at the CSUN Faculty Affairs website there is an “Application for Post-Promotion Increase.” (
� Who is eligible?: Penny will send a list to all chairs and department Deans by email. All faculty will also receive an email and a letter outlining the process and the eligibility requirements.
� Faculty who wish to apply for PPI must do so themselves by way of the online application by Nov. 14, 2008.
� Verification of faculty eligibility can be obtained through faculty chairs.
� Those eligible for the cohort 1 PPI (2008-2009 AY) include:

• Faculty members (excluding FERP faculty) hired before AUG 1, 1998 who currently hold the rank of professor, Lecturer D, Head Coach, Librarian, or Student Services Professional – Academically Related III, and who have exhausted their SSI eligibility in their current rank.

• FAQ’s:

Next meeting:
Nov 17, 2008 in JH 2214



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