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Council of Chairs Minutes for October 10, 2012 10:00am-12:00pm

Present: Shari Tarver-Behring (Chair), Ali Amini, Herman DeBose, Helen Heinrich, Jennifer Kalfsbeek-Goetz, Sheryl Low, Paul Lazarony, Vicki Pedone, Jon Stahl.

Guests: Dr. Rawitch Rawitch (Vice Provost), Harry Hellenbrand (Provost), Dianne Harrison (President)

  1. The minutes of the September meeting were approved.
  2. Chair’s announcement – Dr. Shari Tarver Behring discussed the idea of the COC convening socially.  General enthusiasm abounded. Members will be surveyed for available times.
  3. At 10:20, Dr. Cynthia Rawitch joined the meeting to discuss the electronic waiting lists (EWLs). She reported that feedback has generally been positive and the committee agreed. Dr. Rawitch asked for the committee to share any issues that may have come up with the EWLs. Dr. Jon Stahl expressed the concern that the EWLs don’t reflect students’ seniority since they do not activate as soon as classes close.  Dr. Rawitch explained that the activation of the EWLs needed to wait until open registration, because prior to that, they cannot recognize when a student reaches the 13-unit cap. Dr. Rawitch floated the idea that EWLs may extend into the semester, possibly through the end of the second week of classes.  Should this happen, it would go into effect for Fall ’13.  The committee responded favorable to this idea. In light of the concern about students’ seniority, Dr. Rawitch expressed the belief that at the very least, the lists should be able to give priority to graduating seniors.  She will bring that suggestion back to IT. Dr. Paul Lazaroni recommended that faculty be e-mailed with their EWLs, and Dr. Rawitch agreed to look into that. There’s no opting out of the EWLs for any department.  Another issue identified by Dr. Rawitch was that students on EWLs have had access to course Moodle sites even when they are not yet enrolled in the course. That will be fixed. It was also reported that number of course repeats has plummeted as a result of making students wait until the Thursday before classes to re-enroll. Dr. Rawitch fielded other observed issues, e.g. that SOLAR/EWLs don’t recognize pre-reqs in progress. On a different topic, Dr. Rawitch reported that CSUN is moving ahead with the split between International Programs and Research/Grad Studies. 

    Dr. Rawitch thanked us and left the meeting at 11:00.

  4. At 11:05, Provost Hellenbrand and President Harrison were welcomed to the meeting.  The purpose of their visit was for this committee to offer support to Dr. Harrison by becoming better acquainted with her vision. The President spoke about her interest in increasing external research dollars on campus because it helps faculty, and is an avenue to support students.  This is part of the reason why GRIP is being divided – in order to give faculty more support.  She made several recommendations, among them, finding people from other disciplines and even other institutions to work together with CSUN faculty.  She also noted that we have a seed money program on campus.  President Harrison recommended that CSUN send people to Washington, D.C. and elsewhere to give input into grant development. She indicated that she is pro-growth when it comes to student enrollment. President Harrison expressed her support for international education – Peace Corps, Fullbright, etc. Dr. Herman DeBose advocated for the Peace Corps, and Provost Hellenbrand encouraged Herman to meet with him and discuss CSUN’s potential for involvement with the program. 

President Harrison discussed public relations at CSUN and reinforced her conviction about the importance of branding to become more visible in the community.  This will help with grants and donors.  We all have to take on the job of trumpeting CSUN.  She announced that the new branding message is close to completion.  Provost Hellenbrand reinforced the importance of message consistency across campus.  Departments need to be on board. The meeting concluded with the committee thanking President Harrison and Provost Hellenbrand for their visit.

The meeting was adjourned at 12:00.

Minutes submitted by Jon Stahl.



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