California State University, Northridge

Council of Chairs Meeting of September 17, 2007 Minutes

  1. Executive Committee Chairs Present:
    Craig Finney (Chair)                             College of Health and Human Development
    Nancy Burstein (Secretary)                  College of Education
    Nagi Elnaga                                          College of Engineering and Computer Science
    Peter Grego                                          College of Arts, Media and Communication
    Lynn Lampert                                       Library Services
    Taebaum Oh                                        College of Science and Math
    Paul Skolnick                                       College of Social and Behavioral Sciences
    George Uba                                         College of Humanities
    Melanie Williams                                  College of Business and Economics

    Other Chairs Who Attended

    Darrick Danta                                       College of Social and Behavioral Sciences
    Gina Masequesmay                              College of Humanities

    • Welcome and Introductions of New and Returning Members:  Finney

    Each member introduced himself or herself and C. Finney welcomed the members.  He asked the secretary to bring last year’s minutes to the next meeting for approval.  Faculty completed a sign in sheet with their email addresses

    • Instructional Materials Policy:  Maria de Ballard, Shane Frehlich

    The policy on “timely adoption of textbooks/instructional materials for accessibility” was distributed (see attachment).  The policy focuses on the need to adopt books early to make them accessible for students with disabilities with the Department Chair enforcing the policy.  It was explained that “early” adoption meant about 8 weeks prior to the semester beginning.  The department would establish the process and procedures to comply.  When asked if someone would collect procedures it was suggested that Education Equity and the Senate should approve the policy.  The Committee recommended that a template be provided to assist departments in developing a department policy.
    Suggestions included:

    • Include language to the extent possible…
    • Place on line what book is anticipated ahead of time and put on reserve in library

    The Committee discussed the challenges in meeting the policy, with more challenges in some departments than others.  It was explained that the Center on Disabilities is there to help to make information accessible and is very knowledgeable about the rules and regulations.

    Suggestions on points 1-5 included:

    • #1:  add to the extent possible
    • #2:  revise - faculty should make reasonable efforts to ensure that instructional materials for their courses
    • #3 – add to the extent possible
    • #5:  revise - The bookstore will inform faculty of books that meet ADA standards

    Changes from last time the COC discussed the adoption: 

    • Departments would enforce policy
    • Faculty have control over instructional materials
    • Must be made by university deadline – no deadline yet

    It was suggested that the revision be emailed to the COC Committee and it would be reviewed again at the next meeting. 

    • Establish agenda items for the academic year

    There was a discussion about the role of the Council of Chairs and who should attend. 

    Issues were discussed.

    • Fees on lab courses.  There’s a moratorium on lab fees and can they be raised?
    • GE recertification and assessment
    • Increase in assessment demands – support, time, resource allocation, etc.
    • Time base for chairs
    • Demand Reporting, Proposed Modification to the Registration Process, Academic Technology Initiative (ATI):  Bowman

    Bowman was not able to attend and will reschedule


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