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Council of Chairs Meeting of September 15, 2008 Minutes

  1. In attendance:Peter Grego (AMC)
    Craig Finney (HHD)
    Phyllis Herman (HUMN)
    Hamid Johari (E&CS)
    Jennifer Kalfsbeek (Tseng) – Secretary
    David Kretschmer (EDU)
    Tae Oh (COSM)
    Tom Spencer (S&BS)
    Melanie Williams (COBAE) – President


- The meeting started with a welcome back announcement from Melanie Williams, the 2008-2009 COC President.
- Melanie began by asking the group to share goals that they would like the COC to work toward this year.

Tom Spencer suggested that the group get more involved in working with on union negotiations. On suggested way that we could do this that was suggested by Tim was to suggest recommendations to the union regarding the status of chairs since this has been a concern for several years in some of the colleges and departments.

Another committee member suggested that we may want to work towards making recommendations regarding text book adoptions. The buy-and-sell and e-books were specifically discussed as examples that may merit further attention by the committee in the future.

Melanie encouraged the committee to consider additional goals for the committee between this and the next meeting.

- The COC heard from guest Diane Stephens, Director of Academic Resources on updates on the activities and recommendations that have transpired with the “clicker” vendor selection group at CSUN. Diane explained what “clickers” are, how they are used on campus, and explained that they can be very costly for students if more than one class requires the use of a clicker, requiring students to purchase several clickers, oftentimes at varying cost levels from competing providers. The “clicker” Vendor Selection Group was therefore commissioned to investigate a more cost-effective way to utilize these devices by looking into making one the device the device of choice for the campus overall. The “clicker” Vendor Selection Group set out to determine which clicker brand was the most technologically reliable as well as cost-effective, and to make recommendations to the University regarding their findings. The recommendations from the “clicker” Vendor Selection Group are as follows:

1. Negotiate with vendor: Turning Technologies, for exclusive use of their systems at CSUN, at a discounted rate.
2 .CSUN purchase sufficient clickers to allow for a comprehensive check-out system for students from a central location (aka: library), or the University negotiates a buy-back program, thus financially benefitting students.
3. CSUN IT partner with Turning Technologies to train faculty in the use of the clicker systems.
The COC expressed unanimous interest in supporting the recommendation of the “clicker” vendor selection group with the University.

- The COC discussed the trend on campus for allowing enrollments to exceed capacity. With the best of intentions, faculty members are allowing more students into their classes than the seating capacity of the rooms allows. Faculty are also taking chairs and other equipment form neighboring classrooms to accommodate these larger classes without returning the items in a timely manner. Chairs are reminded to stress to the faculty in their Departments that they must

�plan ahead
�set room caps based on accurate room data
�if they decide to exceed capacity, make arrangements to move the class to a larger room in a timely manner.
�faculty should be reminded not to “borrow” chairs, podiums and the like from neighboring classrooms, and if for some reason they do borrow equipment from classrooms other than their own, they are to return the items immediately upon completion of the their class.

- Tae asked about the Fall 2009 schedule. The group agreed that support for the new schedule throughout th University is strong.

- The COC discussed the issues posed by the use of “My Academic Planner” and DARS.

� DARS is accurate but does not effectively project the future
� My Academic Planner is easy to use, and attempts to predict the future for students, but is not always accurate.
� The group was concerned that they have been asked to advise students to use My Academic Planner when DARS is more accurate.

- Melanie proposed writing and sending Penny Jennings of Faculty Affairs a “Thank you” letter on behalf of all Chairs. The CIC attendees agreed and will review and sign a copy of the letter at the next meeting.

Next meeting:
Oct 20, 2008 in JH 2214.



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