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Council of Chairs Meeting of May 27, 2009 Minutes

In attendance:

Melanie Williams welcomed the council to the last COC meeting of the academic year. 

First agenda item: designation of COC reps for 2009-2010.  Aside from the following, the existing COC members will remain the same:

Second agenda item: elect a new COC president and a new COC secretary.  Melanie Williams was unanimously elected to serve a second term as the COC president in 2009-2010, and the COC voted unanimously in favor of  David Kretschmer to serve as the COC secretary.   Williams and  Kretschmer accepted these positions. 

The committee discussed doing another grade distribution and grade inflation study.  The COC members discussed the notion of doing a regular study and departmental report regarding grading distribution trends and inflation to assist chairs in assessing and mentoring faculty.  This item will be pursued in the 09-10 AY by the COC.

The COC discussed concerns regarding balancing teaching needs of the departments and release time for faculty who receive grants for research.

Melanie Williams shared with the group the UPBG meeting agenda for May 28, which will have a significant issues of budget and finance.  Williams encouraged the COC members to attend  that meeting.  Williams will be unable to attend the UPBG meeting. David Kretschmer agreed to attend  in her place.

It was agreed that minutes of the April 20, 2009 and May 27, 2009 meetings would be distributed by email for approval.


Next meeting:
TBA for the 2009-1010 AY


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