California State University, Northridge

Council of Chairs Meeting of May 16, 2005 Minutes

Members Present: Janet Adams (HHD), Magnhild Lien(SC&M), William Jennings (B&E) Nathan Weinberg (S&BS), Sid Schwartz ( CECS), Rie Rodgers Mitchell (EDU), Michael Barrett (Library)

Guests: Harry Hellenbrand, Penelope Jennings, Jerry Leudders, Alyce Akers, Mary Baxton, Eric Forbes, Robert Stark

  1. Penny Jennings and Jerry Leudders discussed the possibility of a Leadership retreat for Chairs and Deans. They also discussed and sought suggestions for topics for sessions for the August Chairs' Retreat.
  2. Provost Harry Hellenbrand addressed the current and future budget situation and a variety of issues facing chairs and faculty. Among the topics discussed were personnel procedures, YRO and the chairs work load and compensation.
  3. Alyce Akers discussed the problems of hiring and retaining faculty and especially the issue of not getting our top choices. The discussion covered a variety of issues including, hiring salaries, recruiting budgets, salary compression, research support and travel, and the need for faculty staff housing.
  4. Mary Baxton, Eric Forbes and Bob Stark discussed the implementation process and rules surrounding the new GE package.
  5. Bill Jennings thanks the Chairs for their attendance a various meetings with visiting trustees, including the campus visit on May 4 of Trustee Esparza.

Our next meeting is scheduled for September 19 from 10:00 to 12:00 a.m. in Juniper Hall (previously business building) 3107.


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