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Council of Chairs Meeting of April 21, 2003 Minutes

The meeting was called to order at 9:34 a.m.

Members Present: Michael Barrett (LIB), Julio Blanco (SC&M), Adam Gifford (B&E), David Moon (AMC), Sid Schwartz (CECS), Tom Spencer-Walters (S&BS), Gregory Velazco y Trianosky (HUM) and Janet Adams (HHD).

Members Absent: Bonnie Ericson (EDUC), (excused).

Guests: Peter Bellin (EOH/HHD), Elizabeth Berry (Sociology, S&BS), Shelley Bannister (ACE Fellow, President's Office), Claire Cavallaro (Chief of Staff, President's Office), Roberta Madison (Health Sciences, H&HD), Randy Reynaldo (Executive Assistant to the President, President's Office) and Nathan Weinberg (Sociology, S&BS).

Presenters/discussants: Suzan Curzon, (Dean University Library) and Jolene Koester (President).

  1. The minutes of the March 17, 2003 meeting were approved with a minor correction.
  2. The committee discussed a variety of topics.
    • Discussion about the meeting with the Provost. The chairs reported favorably about the meetings that took place between the chairs and the Provost. The Provost's office mailed a summary of the issues raised during these meetings. We agreed all these issues need consideration. The summary did not include a time-line for the implementation of the action items. It was decided to request a definite time-line for all the action items. It was also discussed that the Deans make staff positions request at the same time that faculty positions requests are made in consultation with the chairs. A resolution will be prepared and considered at the next meeting.
    • Discussion about the Dialogue about Shared Governance. This dialogue touches on many aspects of governance at CSUN. In particular, it was discussed the role of Dean's in the faculty hiring process. Should the Department's recommendation carry more weight, equal or less than that of the Dean? Should the Deans be required to communicate in writing their separate recommendation to the Department chairs?
    • Responsibilities of the Council of Chairs. (1) The By-laws of the Council of Chair shall be reviewed in the next meeting. The Council Chair will make available whatever records are available to the Exec Committee for their consideration. (2) A mission Statement for the Council of Chairs will be discussed at the next meeting.
  3. The Dean of the University Library discussed two items: (1) The Information Literacy Assessment Proposal to be conducted at random during the Fall 2003 semester. The chairs expressed interest in the upcoming survey. She requested comments about the survey. More materials will be disseminated in the months ahead. (2) The decrease in Librarians in the USA. She updated the Council on the status of establishing a degree program in Library Science at CSUN.
  4. The President discussed issues about the State budget. She made a point to note that CSUN is not the only institution facing budget cuts but rather the system as a whole. She asked the chairs to play a positive role in communicating with the students, staff and faculty about the possible impact on all of us. She also mentioned that in her opinion salary negotiations, such as our resolution requesting a salary increase, fall within the sphere of contract negotiations; she stated that the Chancellor's office will address this matter during the new negotiations with the CFA.

The meeting was adjourned at 11:30 a.m. The next Council of Chairs meeting will be held on Monday, May 19, 2003 at 9:30 a.m. in the Oviatt Library Room 314.

Respectfully submitted: Julio R. Blanco, Chair
Council of Chairs


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