California State University, Northridge

Council of Chairs Meeting of March 28, 2005 Minutes

Members Present: Janet Adams (HHD), Magnhild Lien(SC&M), William Jennings (B&E) Nathan Weinberg (S&BS), Sid Schwartz ( CECS)

Guests: Susan Cohen, Spero Bowman, Barbara Hlinka, Amita Naganand, Penelope Jennings, Ken Rappe, Dave Nirenberg, and Amy Berger

  1. Susan Cohen reviewed the proposed campus alcohol policy, answered questions, and asked that any additional comments or suggestions be emailed to her at
  2. Spiro Bowman, Amita Naganand, and Barbara Hlinka reviewed plans for future student evaluations of faculty. The printed forms are being sent to the dean's office for distribution to the departments. After the students have completed their evaluations, the department will return the forms for processing. The day after grades are due, PDF statistical summaries and electronic images of the student comments will be sent to the departments for distribution.

    The chairs expressed concerns related primarily to details on how the PDF files would be returned to the departments and to the faculty. The chairs emphasized that printed copies of the faculty evaluations would have to be made placed in the faculty member Personnel Action File and that these copies must not contain the free-form written student comments.

    Because some issues remain unresolved, including how best to transmit the information to the departments and to the faculty, chairs were asked to send comments and suggestions to Amita Naganand at
  3. Dave Nirenberg and Amy Berger discussed the "Book Now" program. The program will allow students to order their course text books as part of the online registration process. To help with the "Book Now" program, faculty will be encouraged to get their book orders in earlier than usual.
  4. Penelope Jennings and Ken Rappe reviewed the "125 rule." On most CSU campuses, twelve-month chairs are not permitted to teach in summer. On our campus, twelve-month Chairs are permitted to teach one 3-unit summer school class during a five or six-week term but must take 2 days vacation per week to be in compliance with the "125 rule."

Our next meeting is scheduled for April 18 from 10:00 to 12:00 a.m. in BB 3107.


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