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Council of Chairs Meeting of March 19, 2007 Minutes

Members Present: AMC (Peter Nwosu), B&E (Shirley Svorny), EDUC (Nancy Burstein), HUM (George Uba), Library (Doris Helfer)

Visitors: Suson Curzon, Dean of the Library

Absent with notification: H&HD (Craig Finney)

Absent: M&S (Larry Allen), S&BS (Mathew Cahn), Ext L (Tyler Blake), ECS (Nagi El Nagi)

  1. Chair Nwosu called the meeting to order at 10:00 a.m.
  2. The minutes of the February 2007 meeting were not available.
  3. Announcements – Trustees Monville and Toney will visit CSUN on Friday, April 27th. More details will be coming from the President’s office. Chairs will be invited to attend.
  4. Senate Ed Equity Report on Faculty Recruitment and Retention
    1. Professor Nwosu summarized the findings of the Report
    2. With respect to recruitment, the report recommends
      1. Online databank of potential recruitment sites/resources (run by Faculty Affairs and Institutional Research and Planning)
      2. Recruitment template should be revised to ask each applicant to explain their experience with and commitment to diversity
      3. Revise AA1 form to reflect diversity element
      4. A series of workshops on recruitment/retential issues related to diversity (run by Academic Affiars, Faculty Affairs, and Senate Ed Equity)
      5. A climate survey of faculty with respect to diversity issues – the Senate Ed Equity Committee has developed an annual survey
    3. With respect to retention, the report recommends
      1. Track data on retention, use exit interview protocols; the Senate is working with Faculty Affairs and the Ed Equity Committee on this
      2. TRP Processes – add the consideration of working with a diverse population in the TRP process; types of changes will come from workshops (see 4.b.iv above)
    4. Uba and Helfer pointed out that the real issue in retention is housing prices/workload/salary/salary compression; Burstein noted morale issues among faculty
  5. Enrollment planning and resource issues – discussion of pressures on facilities/shortages of classrooms at a time we are asked to increase FTE
    1. Education – their crunch is pretty much over, they were growing but have experienced a decline in enrollments
    2. Humanities – insufficient classrooms
    3. Arts – insufficient classrooms
    4. Helfer noted that the Chancellor’s office’s formula for room space says we have “plenty of rooms.” Perhaps that needs to be re-examined. Helfer mentioned the lack of space for collaborative classroom settings.
    5. Svorny mentioned that the expected shift to MW scheduling should increase options for scheduling.
  6. Dean Curzon sought views on the proposed Faculty Research Fellows Program
    1. She is talking to various groups on campus trying to get the best ideas
    2. See attached document for the types of issues Dean Curzon would like to get feedback on. Curzon notes that this document is being continually revised as she gets input from groups on campus.
    3. Issues raised by COC
      1. Relationship to sabbaticals; would funding for RFs come from sabbaticals?
      2. Junior/Senior faculty allocations
      3. Number of fellows
      4. Time frame (is one semester too short?)
      5. What will be required of the RFs? Public presentation of their work? A built in timeline?
  7. Election of new officers for AY 07/08 – the COC nominated Doris Helfer and Matt Cahn for Secretary and Craig Finney for Chair. The election will be held at the next COC meeting. 
  8. Other business follow-up report on grade inflation.

The meeting was adjourned at 12:00 p.m.

Prepared by Shirley Svorny


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